Assigning the date of the training and competition of air or rocketmodeler, to provide almost everything: minutes to paint the starts of models of various classes, to provide participants with food and accommodation, provide them with transport service… the Only thing that it is impossible to foresee is the weather. However, the weather factors equally affect all participants, and the advantage is given to one who has knowledge of the conditions of the zone flying, pony manius physical basis of weather processes and their ability to make a competent assessment.

On how to take into account the weather factors during the competition, says a professional pilot, world champion of rocket modeling, master of sports Vladimir MENSHIKOV.
Forecasting the meteorological situation a day of training or competition it is possible, if for many years to watch for weather events, to compare their characteristics and to properly understand the physics of metaoffline. This is a large part of the success in training and in competition.
So, about the weather. In essence, it is the state of the atmosphere, which is characterized by the set of values of meteorological variables and physical phenomena in a particular time and in a particular place.
On weather factors greatly influenced by such local conditions as topography and micro-relief of the terrain, presence of water, vegetation, buildings, as well as the time of day and year.
Long-term observations revealed several obvious signs heralding deterioration in the weather.
Thus, the appearance in the sky Cirrus “Kostevich” clouds shows that at a distance of 800… 1000 km was an area of bad weather that would be in this place in 15…20 hours.
Bad weather if thin Cirrus clouds first, tighten all the sky, and then go into stratocumulus, covering the sky in a dense layer. If these clouds cover the sun or the moon, then around them there are circles “Gallo”.
A characteristic feature of deterioration in the weather — the drop in atmospheric pressure with simultaneous increase of humidity, strong winds (especially in the evening). Most often there is no dew or frost.
The change in the weather heralds a red or purple-red in the morning and evening dawn, as well as the strong shimmer of the stars at night and the improvement in the audibility of individual sounds.
Weather can deteriorate if the leveling of the temperature in the valley and on hills, in woods and open places, and if there is dense fog, extending in height and does not disappear with the sunrise.
And so it is known to all luck, like a prostrate on the ground the smoke of a fire, and unknown to many, as a reduction in interference during the day.
In addition to signs of deterioration in the weather, there are signs of its improvement, which also need to know the athlete.
Weather tomorrow will be good, if evening and dawn have Golden or orange color.
When, after clear nights 9 — 10 am appear Cumulus clouds developing by noon vertically into a powerful Cumulus and the evening receivina is also “the bucket.”
The weather will be steadily good, when the faint morning wind in the afternoon increased slightly, in the evening — what a night subsides completely.
Good weather in the summer time heralds the appearance of dew after sunset, in winter — frost.
A signal of an improvement in the weather is the increase in atmospheric pressure and significant temperature gradient in the lowlands (it’s colder) and tops in the woods (warmer) and in the open.
Weather promises to be clear, if the air temperature increases (in summer) or decreases (winter).
Well, in the summer, when good weather is stable, usually after midday, increase interference.
There are also signs warning of the change in the weather. These include the appearance on the horizon of cirrocumulus clouds in the form of pebbles; a high flocculent lenticular and Cumulus clouds; the appearance of clouds of different forms and at different heights, giving the sky a chaotic look; the sharp drop in atmospheric pressure, followed by growth; high humidity (especially in summer).
Modelers should also know the basic signs of approaching thunderstorms.
In particular, if in a particular area on the horizon in the morning hours appear altocumulus (towering) clouds — harbingers vnutriposelkovyh thunderstorms, then from this zone can come in the afternoon.
Harbingers of a storm front usually is a chaotic multi-tiered cloud with a predominance of flake, lenticular and cirrocumulus clouds.
The characteristic signs of heat vnutridiskovoe thunderstorms is the rapid growth in the daytime Cumulus cloudiness and turning it into a cumulonimbus.
You cannot avoid the thunder and lightning, when at a high temperature and high humidity feels stuffy, but the atmospheric pressure drops sharply.
The immediate precursors of strong thunderstorms are powerful ascending flows with moving speed more than 10 m/s, as well as the sharp wind that the earth has a direction in the direction of the clouds, and near it can dramatically change the speed and direction.

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