WITCHEDSkis kept slipping off… Leaning on a stick, he made a hesitant step forward, but only tried to pull foot slipped, and I had to start all over again. I waved to him, and, intending to help, was to stomp your feet, succeeding leisurely “ladder” to “tree”. But at this moment his leg again. slipped and almost tknuvshis nose in the snow, he moved out of the middle of the mountains.

The more I ride not going. So, probably, never learn to climb a mountain…
Nothing, Vic — I laughed, — it’s all downhill. Learn. We all start out — nose in the snow.
And the man’s head on that? — suddenly snapped Vic. — Look at these woods, and he nodded at their brand new skis — they to us from the king of Peas has come down almost unchanged… But it was possible to invent something in order not to descend from the mountain against my will…
Wait, wait, — I suddenly started talking outrage Vaikinai obvious incompetence in this matter, as it’s unchanged? And plastic? And hard mounts? And ski boots? By the way, to not roll down a hill, still probably a thousand years ago hunters used the fur, which incited the soles of the skis — that is the solution to the problem.
Fur, you say? — chuckled Victor. — Well, for some, — it is poisonous looked at me — it can, and exit.
The next day he had disappeared immediately after class. I looked it up and in the yard and in the school workshop called home. The same thing was repeated on Tuesday and Wednesday… At my puzzled questions answered evasively. Only on Thursday he caught me by the sleeve in a school corridor:
Well, let’s go to Serebryany Bor?
You’re never going back! Missing all week. To justify over thinking…
Well, let’s go.
I can not in Vitka angry. I can’t, and that’s all… And on Sunday morning we met at the final stop of a trolley bus.
As always, I did my mounts before Vitka and was the first to climb a mountain. When he reached the middle, I suddenly remembered Vitkina boasting and looked in the confidence that he works somewhere at the foot. There it was! Vic was close by, he climbed much faster than me, and, most surprisingly, not “ladder” not “tree”, and straight — walking on level ground! not slipping and not stumbling…
And stomped by, not even turning his head. First climbed to the top. I was so stunned WikiName success, which recovered only when he moved out of the mountains and effectively slowed down, raising a cloud of snow dust. I turned right on the slope, and awkwardly strode down down.
Vic was waiting for me, smiling victoriously.
Well, — he met me — it’s not “nose”?..
Vic — I interrupted, — what in the world? Are you really ski fur lined?
Yes where it to take, this fur, sighed Vic — from the fur I got the principle, and the rest had to come up with yourself.
He bent down, undid the fastening and lifting the ski, brought it to me. I saw her on the back some piece of metal resembling a piece of scrap the saw. Touched the hand and realized that it is freely hanging on the axis, mounted on the back of the ski.
Wait, wait, — I’m interested in — because this emphasis and actually works as fur and even better. The skin is rubbing against the snow, and this thing only works when slipping the Skis back…
Exactly, — smirked Vic. — But you yourself can try it, just in case I made a couple for you.
I quickly shook off skiing, and Vic fished out from his pocket four screws and a couple of homemade chocs. Has not passed also five minutes, as they were installed on my ski. I tried at first to walk on level ground .— skiing was surprisingly easy, no recoil ago was not felt. And when he began to climb the mountain, a feeling of lightness was such that I did not notice that was on top.
We returned home late. And, of course, tired. I walk happy. But Victor… Victor was just happy.
The following Sunday we went to Silver wood the whole class. And almost everyone on the backs of the skis dangling in the newcomers, as they were called, “witched”. I must admit, this was my contribution. Of course, I could not resist and told them about all our guys. Also, in General, as you.

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