ALL-SEASON STROLLERFoldable stroller is convenient for the townspeople: they often have a child to take the bus, take the subway, get on the Elevator. But here’s the problem — that is to say, a summer transport. And winter comes the season of sleds, to use public transport with them much more difficult. And the child is much easier in a wheelchair. So the idea to put her on skis came to me by itself.
Got down to business — and that’s what happened.
Each ski consists of three parts. They are all cut from sheet steel 0.8 mm thick, and can be applied a thinner metal — 0.6 and even 0.5 mm. to give the runners a greater stiffness at the edge of ski socks under petals made of steel wire Ø 1,5—2 mm, the clamped ends of its side petals size 50X7 mm.
Fig. 1. Stroller skiing.
Fig. 1. Stroller skiing:
And — in working position, B — in the folded state.
Fig. 2. Ski.
Fig. 2. Ski:
1 — mount the front wheels, 2 — wire Ø 1.5—2 mm, 3 — runner ski, 4 — holder of the rear wheels.

Mount the front wheels is better to provide deaf — drill the wheels bolt hole M4 and skip through the holder. The “rear axle” this item has special grips in the hub of the wheel axles of the wheelchair; the sizes of the slots of the grippers is determined by the place. By the way, all of the dimensions of the ski are specific to a particular type of wheelchair, so someone may have to count it.
The holders are attached to the sides of the ski with rivets or bolts. Back bends skis should not be too steep so as not to interfere with the release of the wheels and grippers of the holder. Then folded dimensions of the “winter” strollers will remain the same.
V. LUTIKOV, Ryazan

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