ALWAYS AT HANDIt is worth climbing the stairs for roof repairs, window frames, electrical wiring, as here, there is a problem: where to place the necessary tools? Of course, you can take them with him, stuffed in pockets or folded in any bag. But it is better to establish a special removable table that can be mounted on two adjacent rails.

The design of the table is used a rectangular sheet of plywood of 3 mm thickness, four wooden slats, bracket, and six segments of steel strips.
In the plywood surface of the table and drilled a few holes. At the edges they are different diameter are the sockets for screwdrivers, chisels, hammer, pliers… Closer to the middle of the table positioned symmetrically in four groups of holes of the same diameter for mounting the brackets of the suspension. The distance between them must be chosen so that the brackets are located on the rungs of the ladder as close as possible to the risers. Then the table will be kept secure.
Drilled plywood upholstered on to not slide off the table, even if it is slightly tilted.
The side mounted clip made of wire, it is possible to hang a cloth or rag. To do this, in the end drilled two deep holes with a diameter slightly less than the diameter of the wire, they are driven into the ends of the staples.
Now about how to make the brackets. The most important elements — hooks, they will hold the table on the rails. It is better to bend from steel strips with a thickness of 3 mm. the Upper loop should be twice shorter than the lower.
This is done in order to, lifting table, it was possible to remove the top hinge from the crossbar and the lower at this time still would be kept. Then the leads are welded (or screwed) shelves — the horizontal part of the brackets and struts. The brackets are fastened to the table with four bolts with nuts lambs.

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