AND CHAIR, AND BEDSIDE TABLEIn small apartments, each square meter not only, as they say, accounting, but is used by the hosts with the maximum load. And that, in General, reasonable. For such housing they try to buy foldable furniture. But at a time when it is not in use, it is in a compact folded standing idle, waiting in the wings (e.g., table-book, clamshell, etc.). In such circumstances, the most appropriate are generic (multi-functional) furniture. They serve their owners, that is, in full — and day and night. A good example of this might be the sofa bed.


For small spaces offer chair-wagon, which you can re-do or of suitable old, as the frame is the same as that of a conventional chair. Numerous functions the universal attach components and parts embedded in it in addition to or instead of others.

The design of the chair, its design and connection of parts is so simple that he may claim the style of “country” (now called rustic simplified) that is most appropriate for a country house. These circumstances make it available for making even a beginner DIY. Furniture made in the style of “country” though gruff in appearance, but reliable and beautiful in their own way, because it is usually made of natural wood. Therefore, the most suitable material for the frame members of the chair (if not old-used) — front and rear legs, rings, pronoun and jumper — will bruski section 40×40 mm or 50×50 deciduous, fairly hard wood (and always dry). And only sending the boxes, you will need a plastic or aluminum t sections of rooms 2 or 3. If not, it can be obtained by combining two corresponding shelves angular profile. Seat will fit the sheet of plywood 12 mm thick furniture Board or solid boards-“twenties”. This material will be useful for front panels of drawers, and for their walls and bottoms it is better to take the plywood is twice thinner.

Fittings (dowels) it makes sense to make the most out of solid wood, and thicker than those sold (8-mm)—diameter of 10-12 mm. Arrange them is also not as usual in the middle of the end of the part and its diagonal. It is not necessary to use plastic dowels — they are really very fragile. If you already have carpentry experience, it is better to make the connection of the parts by way of the groove-tongue.

The functions of such parts as PRONASCI, providing rigidity, it is possible to combine with the functions of supports for the bottom drawer. While in the middle part of the rear legs are connected with the front guide, and at the bottom — front and rear — provocame.

And the bottom drawer had failed, between provocame support installed jumper.

Probably, there are pedants who will never allow themselves to hang your clothes on the chair. I admit, I’m not one of them and I think a lot of these. Why I dare to offer to install on the upper ends of the rear legs notched bar in the shape of a coat hanger. But for the complete kit insert below it between the rear legs in the dorsal part of one or two horizontal spokes — they will be comfortable to hang trousers. These supporting details appropriate to carry out the same wood and core.


Konstrukcja chair

Konstrukcja chair:

1 — the front leg; 2 — the guide (t n 2,2 PCs); 3 — bridge; 4 — longitudinal drawer side (2 PCs); 5 — rear leg (2pcs); 6 — proleg (2); 7 — dowels d10… 12 (hardwood, 32 pieces); 8 — transverse drawer side (2); 9 — spoke (wooden rod d20. 2); 10 — notched plank (Board 100×40, L500); 11 — seat (s12 plywood or furniture Board s20); 12 — M6 screws (32 PCs); 13 —nut M6 (24 PCs); 14 — (16 pieces); 15 — threaded sleeve (8 PCs); 16 — front drawer panel (plywood in 12 or Board s20,2); 17 — drawer back (2); 18, a side wall of the box (4 PCs); 19 — the bottom drawer (2 PCs.); 20 — 2×15 screws (as required); details 1,3,4,5,6,8 — bar 50×50 or 40×40; parts 17,18.19 — plywood s6

The wall of boxes between themselves and with the front panel is easiest to dock with standard furniture corner screws М6х10. The threaded sleeve is thus sealed only in the body of the front panel. Nests under bushes need to run with caution not to drill through hole. In other cases, connections using parts manufactured by the same bolts (with corresponding nuts) in the following way. After marking the locations of the corners in the walls of drilled through holes and razzenkovyvajut from the outside. Hence, insert screws with countersunk heads on the inside on the corners and tightened the nuts. If the length of the screws is not enough, then holes can be razzenkovku a little deeper, but involved in this is not worth it — better to replace the screws for longer ones. The bottom to the walls it is desirable to not attach nails, and thin screws through previously prepared hole slightly smaller in diameter than the fasteners. Bottom-the bottoms of the holes should be razzenkovku to the screw heads, both of them.

Coating the product with varnish — transparent or a texture of the existing furniture — at the discretion of the master.

When the chair-universal is supposed to be used for its intended purpose more often than in other guises, the seat can be made and a separate soft cushion stuffed with sheet foam, the kind which is often used in modern furniture.

Dimensions are given only overall, but most acceptable. The size of the parts to calculate quite easily— they will depend on the cross section of the bars used.


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