AND ONE TRIANGULARThis version of the modular piece of furniture that allows you to make the different pieces of furniture, modern apartment, offers the magazine “Praktik” (GDR).

Here, the basis is not a cube, a pyramid, composed of three planes: two vertical and one horizontal side — cover. Vertical are rectangles with sides of 350 and 500 mm, the horizontal bar a right — angled triangle, the legs of which is 500 mm. Material for making can serve as chipboard (particle Board). Workpiece connect plug-in round thorns and glue.
The diversity of combinations with this module is more than the dice module. Judge for yourself. The first and the easiest soft stool or chair: just put on top of a pillow prepared for the cover, one of the pieces of furniture ready. If the top bar to do with a little “slouchy”, so that the corners were slightly beyond reason, that they can throw loop pillows, sewn from the bottom at its vertices for fixing on the module.
Such “softened” elements it’s easy to collect a variety of interior items — bed, couch, sofa, chair. Without the cushion, the module can be used as a coffee table — one, two, or four elements; as a bedside table under the TV or stereo, phone stand, indoor plants. Set in the corner on top of each other, modules are transformed into multi-tiered podtsvetochniki or bookcase; is suspended directly or inverted — in a convenient lolki.
Fig. 1. The examples of furniture from hard and soft modules
Fig. 1. The examples of furniture from hard and soft modules:
1 — table, 2, 5 — options for bookshelves, 3 — table, 4 — sofa (the seat is extended by adding modules), 6 — sofa.

Fig. 2. A triangular module with cushion
Fig. 2. A triangular module with cushion:
1 — upholstery fabric, 2 — foam, felt, 3 — ring loop.

Fig. 3. The package assembled for storage.
Fig. 3. The package assembled for storage.
Cushion for soft options easy to make from foam and upholstery or use as a filling of felt, cotton. Try to connect poskute of the fabric of one pattern, but different colors, is particularly advantageous for rooms with Windows to the North.

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