TRAILER BEDROOMThe main problems faced by the travelling enthusiast, perhaps the problem overnight, especially in the fall. Solve it in different ways. Some rely on the place in the camping, others take tents, sleeping bags. However, supporters of technical creativity, such options are rarely satisfied. They want to relax in comfort and build for this trailers — sort of a mini-cottage on wheels, with gas stoves, refrigerators and even TVs.

It is clear that this work is not for everyone. Most would be satisfied design solution easier. One of them provides the Muscovite G. Kravets. He modified a commercially available trailer MMZ 81021 now for 7-10 minutes turning it from the cargo in the bedroom.
The-design — box size 1400X530X70 mm, made of plywood 10 mm thick and attached to the front wall of the trailer above the carrier. It has folded accordion-floor tents — four sheet of plywood the size of 1370X500X10 mm, connected piano hinges on the screws. The first sheet is connected with a piano hinge with the bottom wall of the box, latest — cover — have a simple lock. To pulls carrier riveted two wedge-shaped pockets made of sheet aluminum.
That’s all revision. Other items sleeping tents — two spar, five adjustable feet, seven profiles of the edging of the floor, 19 of the tubes of the frame of the awning and the awning is formed in the body of the trailer.
Spars (one end chamfered on the “us”) are box-shaped in cross-section design of the corners of the 50X50 mm (see Fig. 1), connected by studs unilateral approach, for example, explosive, with cuts corners of the cage 40 X 40 with a length of 50 mm, which separated the pairs inside the spar on two feet.
Adjustable feet (Fig. 2) made of steel, their height may vary in the range from 420 to 730 mm.
The profiles of the edging of the floor riveted from the corners of the 50 X 50 mm, horizontal shelves which are drilled holes Ø3. 5 mm at the pin fastening to the floor. Six of the seven profiles provided with pins for installation of a frame sleeping tents.
The tubes of the frame have different thickness: vertical — 20, longitudinal and transverse — 10 mm. they are Connected as shown in figure 3.
Tent sleeping tents are made of thick fabric. In the walls of the cut window, covered with nylon mesh from midges and mosquitoes; with the help of “lightning” the canopy can be closed both inside and outside.
Fig. 1. The layout of the floor
Fig. 1. The layout of the floor:
1 — trailer 2 — box 3 — first floor sheet, 4 — piano hinge, 5 — slot, 6 — holes for cotter pins, 7 — spars, 8 — adjustable support, 9 — mortgages otaki, 10 — spike supports, 11 — area of the spar, 12 — bevelled end of the side member 13 is a wedge-shaped pocket 14 — pull driver.
Fig. 2. Adjustable support
Fig. 2. Adjustable support:
1 — heel, 2 — thrust pin, 3 — stand housing, 4 — extendable pipe, 5 — spike.
Fig. 3. Frame tent
Fig. 3. Frame tent:
1 — vertical tube, 2 — cross tube, 3 — longitudinal tube, 4 — the profiles of the edging, 5 — pin, 6 — pin, 7 — nut-pin, 8 — slot in the floor.
Parked the trailer otstoyat from the car and installed horizontally using one of the adjustable feet under the water scrap. The side walls are beveled ends is inserted in the wedge-shaped pockets of the carrier and also align the supports which hold the spikes within the holes Ø10,5 mm, drilled in the lower shelves.
Then lay out the floor (2000 X 1370 mm), the edges of which are drilled holes Ø3. 5 mm under pins the profiles of the edging done and the slot under the nut of the pin (see Fig. 1).
After the sample profile and install the latest adjustable feet, the floor gets the necessary rigidity. It collected frame tent: eight upright tubes are pushed onto the pins of the mount, put in two bushings on the walls of the box and connect them to longitudinal and transverse tubes of the roof. Pull the awning, placed on the floor foam mats or air mattresses and trail bed. In the rain on the tent, you can throw the plastic wrap to get wet.
A trailer I use for many years and very happy with them.

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