CASE OUT OF THE OVEN...Here is not a typo: not a cupcake, namely the case — hard chemodanchik-“the diplomat”. Many prefer the soft portfolio: more fashionable, and the safety of the papers, drawings and books in this hard case is guaranteed. But what then of the spiritual?

The fact that this convenient case is not always the case. And the price… So I want to share my experience of making it on their own. You will need two aluminum pan, three meters dural profile “channel”, the same wooden strips, some fabric and dermatone or imitation leather, suitcases or a couple of card hinges, two locks, pen and… a few free evenings.
Let’s start with the fact that both the pan will oclaim inside a suitable fabric, for example, a red checkered flannel. Glue rubber, Bustilat, PVA. Then obtinem trays outside the leather, apply the same glue. Previously around the perimeter of each of the trays can be neverlet auxiliary hole 20 mm required for tension (proshivki) leatherette. The greatest difficulty will cause the tight corners. They turned out neat, material cutting so that the side of the rectangular piece was the diagonal of the fabric base.
While the glue completely dries, we’ll make the channel framework, which in each prepared profile saw four incision. It is necessary to bend them on the contours of the lids-trays. Mounting frame with M3 screws.
Fig. 1. Details of the design briefcase
Fig. 1. Details of the design of the suitcase:
1 — pen, 2 — dural channel. 3 wooden pad, 4 — aluminum baking pan. 5, the inner cloth cover, 6 — faux leather.

Fig. 2. Installing hinges
Fig. 2. Mounting loops:
1 — channels, 2 — M3 screws with nuts, 3 — loop.

Figure 3. Design improvised lock
Figure 3. Design improvised:
1 — the two halves of the lock case, 2 — sealing, 3 — rubber Bush. 4 — channel.

Fig. 4. Assembly polucarpus case (cladding not shown).
Fig. 4. Assembly polucarpus case (cladding not shown).
For connection of the housing halves you can use the card loop, external or internal mount (in the latter case, they will have a little work to bend, as shown in figure 2). Mount hinges — rivets or screws and M3 nuts.
In conclusion, in the space inside the channels tightly glue the pieces of wood. Well, the locks and the handle pick up in the Studio or use the appropriate metal pieces from discarded suitcases.

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