GO AND GO, ON THE SPOTIt is known that rowing provides a good physical stress primarily the muscles of the hands and body, and the bike is hip and calf group muscles of the foot. I wanted to make morning exercise a simulator that would combine the pros of both sports to get in the home an integrated, comprehensive workout. The result is this problemlosungen.

The design took the frame from a child’s Bicycle “Eaglet” — it is convenient that small. No wheels, no front fork with a wheel conceived for the shell I, of course, is not required. Since there was such a possibility, all additions to the frame attached by welding. However, privides to do the second shell — something I would have decided differently; I hope the reader will refer to the atom description as a hint for their own version.
So, first of all a frame was necessary to give stability. For supports found suitable scraps of pipes of the pipeline and curved them on the bending in the shape of an inverted “u” or, rather, made like the handle of a rigid ski bindings. The front support was welded directly to the steering sleeve, the rear is to short feathers the rear of the plug. Cut off the ends and used as a bracket for mounting on the front bearing of the load unit consisting of a flywheel and slow down the tape. To make the construction more stiffness on both legs welded on the bottom of the jumper.
Asterisk carriage set from adult bike. The chain from her transferred to the sprocket of the load node, which became the basis of bushing the rear wheels. Her ring gasket of rubber-fabric belts mounted flywheel is with big bearing. Additional reliability and durability of this planting has provided a few nails, put them under the gasket. Using the flywheel and a jumper thrown over the front landing slows down, or stretch, the tape is also of rubber. Its ends are connected through the spring, creates additional tension adjustment bolt on the intermediate crosspiece of the support. Thus it is possible to change the load during the rotation of the pedals To simulate rowing is the node above the steering bushing. Here welded tubular bracket with a fixed wheel and a flange for fastening heavy-duty coil springs — shock absorber scooter. At its upper end is mounted a transverse arm. Details of the rowing unit should be installed so that the spring is sloped forward at an angle of 45°. To work with her on the front support on the sides welded two pegs.
Fig. 1. Diagram of the simulator (the front part of the nodes is not shown).
Fig. 1. Diagram of the simulator (the front part of the nodes is not shown).
Fig. 2. Problemlosungen
Fig. 2. Problemlosungen:
1 — front support 2 — front support jumper, 3 — tape, 4 — tension bolt 5 — intermediate jumper, 6 — flywheel, 7 — bracket of the flywheel, 8 — grommet (from rear wheel), 9 — step, 10 — bracket rowing node 11 — fixed steering wheel, 12 — flange spring 13 — spring 14 — the handle of the rowing node, 15 — frame, 16 — saddle (from moped), 17 — rear support, 18— jumper audna support.

All pipe ends are sealed with plugs made of rubber or plastic — from Bicycle handlebars or ski poles. Treating the weld and sakuru tubular elements, covered her bright nitro (or malaeimi) and shell health ready: you can take rowing or Cycling, without leaving home.
If desired, such equipment is easy to install speedometer, stopwatch, which will help control the load.
V. Bel’kov, Leningrad

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