AND A CHAIR, AND THE BED AND SOFADecided to respond to the invitation to become your author. I want to share a simple chair design that can act as a module to construct, for example, corner sofa, single or double beds. His scheme seem simplified, but it is available for repetition and does not require scarce materials: suitable items of old furniture, chipboard, plywood, rods and slats of furniture packages. Depending on the level of performance and material upholstery takaw furniture can be used successfully in the apartment, and in the country, where the possibilities of its transformation particularly advantageous.

So what constitutes a chair module? It is performed in two ways, complement each other when perekomponovkoy. The difference is mainly in the addition of a bottom drawer, cabinets for bedding. These chairs I did three. And three lightweight, no box — they are easy to rearrange, move. The basis of the same they are completely identical.
Chair-bedside table consists of a box-base, soft seat and back. The box is made of chipboard with thickness of 20 mm and a size of 300X600 mm; the bottom is plywood or hardboard sheet. On top of the box is hinged lid made of particleboard size 600X640 mm, she’s a — frame plate for soft-seat or the rim of a pillow. The latter consists of two layers of foam rubber and a cotton liner between them. On top of this “briquette” height about 100-150 mm upholstered upholstery material.
The outside box can also be covered with fabric or painted in dark brown or black. The bottom corners are attached to the square glides.
To the rear of the box from the outside are screwed on the screws with glue (I used “Mars”) or in the furniture bolts two bars — the support of the back. It is made on the same principle as the seat, only the “sandwich” one layer less (foam — top). The soft part is based on a plywood base, and all together fitted by a decorative fabric and is attached to the bars (they can be replaced by metal pipes). Back width equals the side of the seat cushion, height — optional, roughly about 400 mm. to make it easier to sit. suggest to do under spoke another soft pillow-“the stand” but without the plywood base and is not fixed, but placed obliquely.
Seat cover
Seat cover:
1 — drawer, 2 — cover, 3 — foam, 4 — cotton mattress, 5 — upholstery fabric.
Chair side table
Chair side table:
1 — drawer, 2 — seat, 3 — back, 4 — support rods, 5 — lid hinge box.
The box seat
Box seats:
1 — panel box, 2 — bottom, 3 — the cover on the hinges.
The softness of the chair is higher than the factory.
The second version of the module is made the same way except the bottom, because the box is missing here. The base may itself serve as a plate seat to which the legs are mounted on metal studs (like the kitchen stools) or long screws and glue. The length of the legs need to be adjusted so that the seat cushion was on the same level as the chairs with drawer: then they are easy to use in any combination.
A few changes in the Lite seat mount supporting bars or tubular racks backrest. For the first must be manufactured from a strip of metal with a minimum thickness of 3 mm shackle in the form perevernuti letter G: they are screwed to the plate of the seat and the bars. Same tubular strut bottom sawn, and this end is shaped in the form of staples, covering the stove top and the bottom; a mount M3 screws with countersunk heads.
Perhaps a slightly different solution to the base of the chair to facilitate mounting of supports of the backrest if the seat Plate to enter a wooden box with a wall height of about 10 mm, connecting it with the plate screws, missed!’ glue. In the corners it will be possible to further grab the legs with screws, furniture bolts. Taka! design get much stronger and more aesthetic, as the box can be covered with fabric or paint, and a box of chairs tables.
Light weight chair
Lightweight chair:
1 — a base plate with legs and seat set, 2 — back, 3 — tubular support (for two).
Option of lightweight seats
Option lightweight chairs:
1 — box base, 2 — soft padding with slab seats, 3 — blocks support back, 4 — back, 5 — extra pillow.
Scheme drawing furniture modular chairs
Scheme of composing of furniture from modular seats:
A — double bed, — a bed — sofa.
From such a set of easily made up the Seating area, adding a low table. Lined up in a row, mo Dooley to form a couch or bed; add another row and get a double bed; no less advantageous variant of their use as a corner sofa. The latter requires a chair with two fit backs: it will stand in the corner. When it is used alone, then one of the backrest serves as an armrest.
S. KOLYVANOV g, Kharkov

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