SECOND Most often the chassis of modern highway car made of metal. In the case are tinplate, thin sheet duralumin and brass, steel wire. Requirements and the chassis is presented are many, and each new version is to some extent intended to satisfy them. Designs, at the same time perfect in all respects, have not yet been.

Recently, however, in foreign literature automodelismo messages posted about the appearance of another Navoi scheme. The results of its application seems to be so improved highway, that the authors boldly spoke about the revolution in the technique of these models. Words are words, and the facts were also in favor of invention — medal winners a number of competitions of the highest rank in recent years had a chassis of this type. Moreover, these micro cars has taken the unprecedented Soroti, allowing quite a bit to dump it on the steep turns. The fact that the body is hinged with lateral plates well-chosen of elasticity and the location of the torsion bars and transverse leaf spring, when the slopes were so redistributed the load on the wheel that they are on the corners of large radius does not lose contact with the track tracks. On steep turns elastic linkage provides the necessary skid tail model.
Of course, the design is so well-proven that could not be ignored. Although it was mentioned as a universal, fully satisfying the requirements of almost all classes, it was better to try a new scheme “super”chassis on the trace class TA-2. As a prototype of such a model is well-suited Volkswagen (drawings of this car were published in our journal No. 7 of 1931). Even a cursory glance of the ka figures is enough to understand how a good choice of prototype. The broad rear part of the body is allowed to freely post in its entirety an electric motor of any size, the relatively small dimensions guaranteed a low weight not only a model of the body, robust thanks to its ovoid shape, but the model as a whole. And every athlete tarasovic knows how positive effect on the dynamics of its microcosm savings for each gram!
For the modern route is important and aerodynamics. Prototype successful in this. Besides, strongly sloping front push model RAM air to the track, providing additional stability to behold.
Fig. 1. Scheme of the Assembly of the chassis.
Fig. 1. Diagram of the chassis Assembly.
Tempting to use this car as a prototype and from the point of view of manufacturing technology of shell model. It can be applied to the wall was touched in a negative way-the matrix, not to collect of the several parts, as is the case in the manufacture of other copies. In this case it was possible to make the casing of reduced thickness with reformuvannya amplification window front and side racks from wire grade optical fiber Ø 0.5 mm. the Lightest body provides a low centre of gravity of the model, and therefore increases its stability.
Chassis route made of foil fiberglass 1.5 mm thick. Cut with a slight allowance billet Central part of the frame, wipe the part, shaded in the figure, an eraser and varnish them. Unprotected foil is discharged in solution of chloric iron (this will help you any Amateur radio operator), after which the plate is processed completely.
All the elements of the rod supporting part of the frame is made of steel wire Ø1,6 mm (short knitting needles), tube-bearing axis of the driving axle is made of copper or bronze tube. Spring steel with a thickness of 1 mm will go to the frame side plates.
How to assemble the chassis next. Textolite part is embedded in the core design is fixed and the front and rear of the brazed parts. Side plates with the front hinges are mounted on the frame Tang that between them and the core design remained a gap of 1 mm. the plates are mounted rear hinge and the through-rod-spring. The angle of rotation is suspended so side postme limited stops from the flat vertical offset them hold the other elastic elements, torsion rods, krupeshina loose ends on the Central part.
TECU axis of the frame napivaetsya the headstock guide slideway with brushes of the current collector. The distance between the axis of rotation of the slideway and the axis of the drive wheels is equal to 121 mm. In the last turn set hinges mounting axle of the front axle and front stops limiting the tilt of the axles.
Fig. 2. Trace the car — a copy of
Fig. 2. Trace the car — a copy of “Volkswagen”:
1 — fiberglass body, 2 — wire gain stands, 3 — imitation of glazing interior, 4 — chassis Assembly, 5 — unit mounting chassis, 6 — guide the snake to slip rings, 7 — bracket slides 8 — joint front axle, 9 — axle shaft front, 10 — front axle focus (OVS wire Ø 0,8 mm), 11 — front hinge hinge side plates (OVS wire Ø 0.8 mm copper tube Ø 1. 6X0. 4 mm), 12 — forward area (OVS wire Ø 0,8 mm), 13 — side plate (spring steel with a thickness of 0.7—1 mm), 14 — external rod frame (OVS wire Ø 1.6 mm), 15 — a guide torsion bar (copper tube Ø 1,6 X 0,4 mm), 16 — backgauge hitch side plates (OVS wire Ø 0,8 mm), 17 — rear hinge portion (OVS wire Ø 0.8 mm copper tube Ø 1,6 X 0,4 mm), 18 — cross (OVS wire Ø 1.6 mm) 19 — shoulder of the mounting tubular housing, the 20 inner core frame (OVS wire Ø 1.6 mm) and 21 of the tubular bearing housing drive axle (copper pipe Ø 6X1 mm) 22 — rod torsion bar (OVS wire Ø 0.8 MJ), 23 — rod-spring (OVS wire Ø 0,8—1 mm), 24 — base, chassis (foil glass fiber).

It remains to perform a normal installation of the engine, a drive axle With drive wheels of the current collector and the body. On the model established Japanese microelectromotors “Mabuchi” ФТ160, designed for a voltage supply from 6 to 12 V. the Maximum frequency of rotation of the shaft 38 800 rpm, the idling current of about 0.7 A.
Sea trials EN-route fully met expectations. Now we can confidently recommend to all modelers like the chassis design, the second of the “heart” of little micro-car. In the first place was and remains the engine, whose power defines the dynamic and speed characteristics, use completely wow reserves will help a good diagram of the chassis, providing stable motion of the faster performance in all modes.

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