BABY WAREHOUSEThose of adults who have visited any modern industrial warehouse, involuntarily think of the shelving principle, storage of products, tools or spare parts. But the Hungarian journal “Earmaster” recommends fathers and mothers who in the family has a small child, to apply this principle when furnishing a child’s room, having made simple and convenient open shelving to accommodate numerous toys.

Such tiered bookcase without doors and will surely appeal to both parents and children. First — because finally will have a real opportunity to teach the child to order, since everything that used to lay on the floor or in boxes under the bed will be neatly collected in one place. And kids will be interested to restore order themselves, Zaim own such an unusual and wardrobe.

Its design feature is that the rack is not just for open shelves, but also on the use of closed vessels in the form of a plastic “basins” of rectangular shape that is found for sale in hardware stores. Dvigenie guides, they serve the same role as the Desk drawers. Themselves light, they can be effortlessly removed with a baby on the floor to put toys back, and then re-installed in the rack.

The basis of the wardrobe, as well as any rack — vertical rack. As it is better to use the pieces of wood: it is easier (than, for example, tubular racks) to mount horizontal rails.

Since loads in design is relatively small, suitable for racks bars cross-section 30×30 mm. their Length should be such that the child was comfortable to install the top drawer or reach items on the top cover, which is about 900-1000 mm.

Children's shelf cupboard

Children’s storage Cabinet for toys:


1 – rack (30×30 block); 2 – longitudinal connecting strips of the frame; 3 – transverse (false) frame; 4 -cheeks-napravlenie (plywood s5); 5-cover of the Cabinet; 6 – plywood sheathing (back wall and bokovina); 7 – shelf (plywood)

Assembly cross members of the frame with cheeks-napravlenii

The Assembly cross bars of the frame with cheeks-napravlenii

Mount cross members of the frame to the posts

Mount cross members of the frame to the posts

Sheathing plywood Cabinet back wall

Sheathing plywood Cabinet back wall


The number of racks depends on the number of partitions. For the shown three-section wardrobe need four pairs. Among themselves they are connected in the front and rear of the plane straps with cutouts under the rack cross-section 40×20 mm, and in transverse direction — patch 20×20 mm bars, which are attached to the plywood cheeks-guides where you would dvigatsya boxes.

The resulting frame is sheathed with plywood, which can form the rear and side wall (if necessary, and partitions between the sections) and the top cover and a row of shelves in the section without boxes.

After preparation and careful treatment by a skin of all the blanks you may wish to paint them a bright oil or enamel paints, with a beautiful texture — just soak the stain and varnish in several layers with intermediate drying is mandatory. This must be done also in order to avoid pockets and burrs, traumatic for the child.

Assembly of the parts is better to start with a few pairs of struts, connecting the first patch of the transverse bars, which are pre-mounted plywood cheeks-guides. The resulting pairs are then attached with a small longitudinal tie-bars connecting all the pairs of props in a single frame.

It now remains to sheathe it with plywood (rear wall and optionally the sides), install the shelves and attach the top cover of thick plywood or chipboard sheet (it should go beyond the boundaries of the perimeter of the frame).

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