THE FUSES BLEW.Familiar, perhaps, to every household situation: podklyuchayut all household appliances, which is in the apartment, but in the end — tube on the flap burn out from overload. More precisely, due to the excessively increased current in them melt, breaking the electrical circuit, a special low-melting insert and safeguard wiring from the further heating and ignition. Save these simple, in General, the devices and from large troubles in the so-called short circuit due to insulation breakdown, the inclusion of faulty electrical equipment or in the course of work on nabestaanden (particularly dangerous and inappropriate!) sockets, lamp cartridges, etc.

Electrical continuity to restore easy enough to remove the short circuit and replace the plug.
If there are no new ones, it usually is melted in the tube insertion using the thin copper wire of appropriate diameter(see table). Good source material can be unwound the cord; the ends of the extracted wire tinned. Help out this insert and in the cases where the switchboard are tube fuses. At their contact caps must be drilled or pierced with an awl holes; using a needle and thread to pass through the tube with quartz sand prepared the wire, and its ends bent and soldered to stripped and tinned the ends of the contact caps.
In conclusion, a few microsoftb.
Getting repair, do not disassemble the fuse holder. After all, metal caps, as the contacts of a fuse and the elements of the fastener, tightly placed on the ceramic tube. To remove them, hold in pliers, not without fears for the integrity of important but fragile parts. In addition, during disassembly of the cartridge crushed quartz sand, which filled his working cavity. The material should certainly be saved for reuse. Ground quartz not only creates a very efficient removal of heat from the burned out fuse in case of overload in the network, but also the granulate formed during the fuse to blow the electric arc, contributing to the rapid interruption of current in the wiring.
The scheme of work of a plug fuse
The scheme of work of a plug fuse:
1 — body guard, 2 — tube, 3 — cartridge replacement, 4 — cord in which there is a short circuit.
Cartridge Assembly

Cartridge Assembly:
1 — ceramic tube, 2 — cap metal pin, 3 — element fusible, 4 — quartz sand.

Wire-billet and all that is necessary for emergency repair of fuses, it is useful to store in a pre-reserved place; even better to have a few ready-made replacement (or reconditioned) replacement cartridges.
Table for selection of wire diameter fuse
Table to select the wire diameter of a fuse
When you turn the repaired tubular fuse the sand will not sleep, if done at the end of the cap to close up the hole with a piece of adhesive tape or insert the appropriate wire plug.

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