BATH WITH A SAMOVARBath anciently considered one of the most effective “preventative care” for the human body. Since time immemorial are popular and are being built in some places even today the simplest bath with a furnace “in black”. The architecture is simple, as the internal layout. In it — two compartments: a steam-Moines and cool (without ceiling) in the foyer. The purpose of the latter is for storing firewood; through it during the furnace air circulation — fresh portion comes at the bottom of the door opening, and heated in the furnace along with the smoke coming out through the top of the door opening and then through the dressing room. This ultimately cools the steam Department. Besides, it begins to heat up, only when hot rocks and becomes hot water in the tank, they were spending extra firewood.
Well, of course, that “black” bath ask myself any temperature, but to wash and dress it falls sometimes in the steam room, because the dressing room is cold.
All this I tried to consider when I started the construction of a bath of his own design. By the way, I did it for only one summer. About the device it will tell you more.
Enclosing the building structure is frameless, lightweight, it consists of a lower anchor belt around the perimeter (beam 150X150 mm) upper longitudinal beam (timber 100X50 mm), strapping belt (boards 100X25 mm), four saddle-riding transverse partitions (boards 150X25 mm); the space between them filled with the same boards and forms a longitudinal wall, and the outer corner is obtained by fastening with nails boards, mating each other along the entire height.
To ensure stability in the longitudinal wall with the inner side of the cladding boards set the struts (on the drawings conventionally not shown).
Ventilation of the crawlspace is achieved by the fact that the building is raised above ground level and rests on the original Foundation — the old wheels of trucks; inner cavity is filled with a battle of bricks and stones mixed with sand and clay.
The structure consists of the following areas: vestibule, furnace and steam room, showers and rest rooms…
In the steam room floors with a slope to the hole for water drainage, and in the wall under the ceiling near the boiler provided the air vent Ø 100 mm; in the steam room also mounted folding shelves for steam treatments. Installed in the shower tank electric water heater for the showers; the water in it is supplied from a water supply or a freestanding container. In the lounge there is a table with a samovar and a bench.
The design of the furnaces and the steam part combined: the principle of heat storage and heating of water in the baths “on-black”; however, to maintain the cleanliness of the premises and isolate it from the smoke, and the saving of firewood this “thermoprotector” encased in closed unit — a boiler consisting of a furnace part, combined with podduvalom (the ash pan) and the fire box door from a wood-fired hot-water column.
On top of the furnace laid a cast-iron plate size 400X400 mm with hole for burner, which is vertically mounted housing of the old hot water boiler GWA-120 pre-cut part of the flue and the inner flue. In addition, the boiler cut out holes into which are embedded door size 130X140 mm and water heater (battery to dry towels for the bathrooms). The upper pipe is connected to the supply hot water pipe, then with a tank for hot water (from washing machines “Riga-13″) and a radiator (convector). Lower the nozzle, in turn, is connected with the pipeline also with the tank and the heater, forming a closed circuit for hot water and for heating in cold rooms. Hot water provided faucet with mounting thread 3/4”.
The boiler is equipped with a smoke damper size 130X250 mm and a pipe Ø 100 mm, passing through the smoke fire cutting in the ceiling from asbestos crumbs and ending with cap.
Universal bath design I. F. Plastina.
Universal bath design I. F. Plastina:
1 — folding shelves for steam treatments, 2 — window steam rooms, 3 — baths, 4 — thermoprotector, 5 window offices per capita, 6 — door of the steam room, 7 — pan of the shower compartment, 8 — shower compartment, 9 — the door to the shower compartment, 10 — bath, 11 — tank, shower compartment with electric heater, 12 — the door to the break room, 13 bench, 14 — table 15 — window Lounges, the 16 Foundation piles.
List of materials for the construction of baths.

The list of materials for the construction of baths.


Bath design I. F. Plastina

To increase the service life of the cylindrical part of the boiler, the inner surface is covered with stainless steel sheets. For the perception of heat, and then for impact vaporization and further heating of the water are boulders, but instead of stones make good use of old porcelain insulators. Stones or insulators are loaded through the door, which also serves as a window for supplying water on the hot stones (insulators) to generate steam.
To stones (insulators) do not spill out of the cylinder in the furnace, the plate is laid grate (180Х250 mm). To change stones (insulators) provided by the door. It should be noted that in the closed heating method due to the passage of the flame among the rocks (insulators) allowing a good accumulation of heat inside the boiler and in the room. The water in the tank very quickly heated to a temperature of 90°C with a small amount of firewood. Heat generated by rocks or insulators, is enough to provide steam of the desired temperature of 4-5 people.
I. PLYASKIN, civil engineer

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