In many homes, especially in rural areas, and in the cottages, too, remained not long ago, the popular and favorite due to its “softness” a bed with tubular grid. Indeed, they “rest” — how the cloud fluffy, and dreams are seen the same pleasant, light. And that they gradually disappeared from our daily lives, do not blame the mod. Just over time, the tubular mesh is stretched and after a few years turned into a kind of hammock in which to sleep was not comfortable tan as before. I managed without much parentage to return this bed to its former comfort by combining after modernization, the benefits of the “shell” and the usual cushion springs. It took only two solid boards and some coil springs from an old sofa.
The idea was this: “prop” stretching the shell in several places with springs that would have relied on the Board, as in conventional sofas.
Strengthening the springs on the boards with nails, I slipped them under the shell, placing the Board closer to the middle of the bed with support on the longitudinal rods of the frame shell. The amount of space between the boards while determined empirically, depending on the degree of stretching of the shell.
Methods of fastening planks to the frame can be arbitrary, ranging from screw-bolted to the cross-bolting of their ends to the frame with twine, wire or duct tape — as best you can. It’s important to keep in mind: between the mesh and springs it is advisable to make the gasket of strips of canvas or several layers of burlap. Finally, and springs, and mesh pull string, as is done at the device of the sofa (so that the spring moved to the side).
Fig. 1. Modernization of armored beds
Fig. 1. Modernization of armored beds:
1 – headboard, 2 — hollow shell (mesh), 3 — cover the stringer Board (2 PCs), 4 — compensating coil springs.

Fig. 2. The restored carapace (complete)
Fig. 2. Restored the shell (complete):
1 — spring support shell, the 2 — stretching of the spring is transverse, 3 — basic Board springs, 4 — longitudinal stretching of the springs, 5 — armor-clad mesh, 6 — frame, 7 — the spring fastener.

R and p. 3. The restoration of the shell with the broadening of the beds
R and S. 3. The restoration of the shell with the broadening of the beds:
1 — additional cross boards (backs), 2 — longitudinal planks for widening beds, 3 spring siritelny boards, 4 — elongated supporting Board of the spring support shell, 5 — armor-clad mesh, 6 — transverse beam of the frame, 7 — cover userfullname mattress, 8 — filler Mat. Stretching the springs and mount the Mat to the tubular mesh (lace garter belt) conventionally not shown

After this upgrade, the bed was as good as new: the shell bends uniformly, sleep has become much easier.
Interestingly, this same principle allows to make the bed much more than to half of almost double. It’s enough to take a longer Board and add the same two at the headboard. These long ends to attach the longitudinal boards, which also have a number of coil springs. Pulling them in the same way the rest of the springs with string, get a soft broadening of the carapace, which is sufficient to cover with strips of felt, old quilted (cotton) blankets in a canvas sheath, and the like, crepu these spacers to the springs and the back of the shell all with the string.
.I think my experience will be useful to many, because fashion is capricious, and is now in the interior, even the city apartments returns all kinds of “retro”, including “grandma’s” bed with tubular grids (which, by the way, in contrast to the current common spring mattresses of the tan called a continuous weaving’t creak), with Nickel backs, decorated with shiny metal balls and beads…

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