BEDSIDE TWO FLOORSNightstand for bedding is usually a narrow box with a lid or flap in half of the front panel. We offer Hungarian magazine “Thermastar” option bedside tables apparently also almost nothing stands out. However, when you look closer you will see that it opens not only the upper half of the front panel and the bottom. Please note, chgo behind them are hidden swivel drawers, there are two independent sections of tables Which, of course, for the user much easier “heaps are small” traditional variants: in one compartment can be placed, for example, bed linen with pillows, other blankets, a bedspread or a spare blanket.

Structurally, two-story table consists of three main blocks: the body and two hinged boxes
The housing is assembled from five narrow panels (ма1ериал— furniture Board or particle Board 16 mm thick): two sides and three horizontal parts: roof, bottom and partitions All of them are connected with wooden spikes on the glue (carpentry, casein) or with screws (nails).
If you use a furniture panel, the surface of the blanks do not require additional processing.
Only need to paste sawn-edge decorative paper or plastic strips under the tree. While it is best to use white glue with the warm-up pasted strips of hot iron.
Bunk nightstand for the bed linen
Bunk bedside table for bed linen:
1 — cover; 2 — bottom; 3 — top; 4 — panel decorative; 5,6,7 — walls of the box; 8 — loop piano; 9 — septum; 10 — strap stiffness.
Building 1 tables p the build process

1, the housing of the tables n the Assembly process.
2 Drawers bedside tables
2 Drawers bedside tables.
3. Install the piano hinges.
3. Install the piano hinges.
4. Mount decorative panel drawer
4. Mount decorative panel drawer.
In the case of manufacture of panels of chipboard the surface require not only careful handling (sanding) sandpaper, and paint with several layers of enamel paint brown or black.
Is not particularly difficult, and assembling boxes. For their manufacture you will need plywood with the thickness 4— 5 mm. Side walls of the drawers are beveled back. Due to this, the boxes freely lean outward, turning on the bottom attached with hinges. In addition, the table may have its rear wall from the same material as panel. Of furniture Board or particle Board are, and the decorative panels affixed to the front walls of the boxes so that together they form as it were a continuous facade of tables. At the top of the panels has a wood handle.

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