For repair and construction works often require different, up to large-sized lumber, the lumber purchase and delivery which sometimes is not easy. Everything is easier if you have (albeit not heavy duty) sawmill at home. Especially collapsible, not occupies in storage a lot of space. For example, I am very happy with my homemade sawmill. “Circular saw” fixed on the shaft 5-kilowatt electric motor, which is mounted on telefonnoi trolley, easy moving along steel guides. From existing analogues is my sawmill is characterized primarily in that is designed for a single employee, a pensioner.

Indeed, even when bucking logs to seek help is not necessary. Can be completely controlled one. For example, lifting heavy lesino in the “dissolution” of the sawn timber is not required — she lies down on a special comb. Delivernow truck with the motor and the circular saw although you have to manually move along the log, but without much effort — the way-that channel on the guide length of 3.5 m “velvet” (when podstanovki additional units it can be more!) The truck is a reliable resistant the handle with a remote motor control (remote on the drawing conventionally not shown).
High performance sawmills largely contributes to quite a powerful motor with a shaft speed of 930 rpm. It allows you to without gear to use 800-mm circular saw located so that it is possible “to dissolve” logs with a diameter up to 350 mm.
Manufacturer of sawmill, I started with a homemade truck. It is based on a welded frame of steel angle 60×60 mm, which are screwed four wheel axles. Wheels themselves the “brand” from decommissioned equipment, although it is quite acceptable to replace them with ball bearings of suitable size.
Welded to the frame brackets with baseplate on which is mounted a motor. All sizes are here — the place on the basis of available components, parts and consumables. The end of the frame reinforced with steel gusset plate, which is primaril resistant handle. And at an angle to the direction of movement of the truck, the value of which is designed for a specific user, that is me
Compact portable sawmill
Compact portable sawmill:
1 – the main pole (steel tube 80x80x3, 5 PCs ); 2 — lining (steel sheet, 40x10x1.22 PCs): 3 — canvas-guide (steel channel No. 8, L1750, 4 pieces); 4 — trolley (carriage hoist); 5-bottom bracket (steel channel No. 18, 2 PCs); 6 — the base plate (stylish sheet s5); 7 – bolt M20) (4 PCs); 8 — washer lock (4 PCs): 9 — M20 nut (4 PCs); 10 — asynchronous motor phase (220 V, 5 kW, 930 rpm), 11 — upper bracket (steel Ugolok 45×45); 12 —the canvas circular saw, 13 — a protective casing (steel sheet s2). 14 — pin steel (8 PCs); 15 — the hub of the circular saw (ST5); 16 — handle resistant (vodohospodarska pipe 3/4″); 17 — slab cutting; 18 — Klondike resistant (sheet s5); 19 — comb (steel area 45×45, L400); 20 — a beam; 21 — a bolt M30; 22 — split washer; 23 — a washer-lock (steel sheet s); 24 — bar resistant (steel area 45×45): 25 – tie cropped (steel pipe 80x40x3, 6). 26 — pad to lengthen canvas (steel sheet 250x180x10, 2 PCs.).

After installing the wheel, fulfilled their alignment, ensuring the parallelism of the axis and the concentricity during rotation. Making sure that everything is OK, started to manufacture velvet overpass. It is a channel guide that is welded to the sleepers (along the square tube) with a small collapse outward. Precision fabrication steel gauge controlled cardboard template, the deviations of the regulated rectangular pads under the sills.
Neoprene (22 plates 40×10 mm sheet steel 1 mm thick) is needed in order to create a gap of 1-2mm between the upper flange of the channel and wheels, the flange of which should be slightly raised above the sleepers. Due to such structural “details” has managed to achieve light speed truck with a “circular saw” and, consequently, reduce operator effort.
Welding technology details velvet paintings of special complexity did not differ. After completing the markup under 11 sleepers on the two rails, and welded first, not forgetting the linings. the so-called short sleepers (and only one channel). Then “grab” them for the second channel, adjusting his position a template and clamps. Then welded the sleepers finally {padding), aware: the more accurate the installation, more reliable operation of the sawmill. Making sure that the trolley is easy {no backlash) rolls on steel track, welded main sleepers (of course, also with pads).
To the long end of each of the main sleepers attached by screws by a special comb from a 400-mm steel area 45×45 mm. the result is an excellent device for keeping wood.
The rest, I think, is clear from the figure. with the exception that the “secrets” of work at a sawmill. And they boil down to the fact that the log with a straw kruglyashi or pipe sections I roll up on channel guides, and then drop at the comb, where it is fixed in position relative to the circular saw blade under the action of its weight and additional of a sledgehammer.
Moving “the circular saw” on a trolley on rails, separated from the first log slab of prescribed thickness. Then turn the beam 900 is separated and the second slab. The operation is repeated to produce timber, which, if necessary to dissolve the required size of the timber, including the Board with the required properties.
“Circular saw” is installed on the movable part of the sawmill so that it cut the material itself is pressed against the comb. Along with facilitating the work of the operator is one of the measures to ensure safety. Contributes to the last guard, half closing the leaf of the saw blade. Well, 120-mm overhang of the disk relative to the truck provides a smooth experience for getting lumber are most popular sizes. For cutting smaller you have to use the limiter — the Board of a particular width is placed on the comb close to the guide.
A large number of sleepers not so much due to even distribution of ground pressure, how much more care about the user. They serve as convenient foot rests.
Many years of experience operating domestic sawmills shows that although the total mass of the trolley is more than 50 kg, in the interests of business should be increased an additional (and, possibly, compact) ballast. As such, fits 24-kg kettlebell that can be placed, for example, on the plate near the motor.
Inoperative sawmill takes up very little space. Because of large velvet cloth, naslednjem two (at great length —three) parts, usually stored under farm canopy in a vertical position and held by a clamp attached to the wall. Truck (complete) stands on a specially made for this platform. Feed the cable rolled into a coil and hanging on the thrust of the handle of the trolley.

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