“Modelist-Konstruktor” has already talked about how scrap materials can make a simple room model glider. This required not so much – a thin wooden stick, foam sheet thickness of 3 mm, a needle and thread and glue. The foam for the wing, stabilizer and fin were cut from the two packages from dietary eggs, and stick to the kebab was a wonderful rod of the fuselage.

Gradually complicating the design of the airframe and each time creating a new model, you can collect the whole collection of these “flying toys”. It is not only interesting but also useful, because it shows the work of design thought, it reminds you of how improved technical solutions in the development process of aircraft. In this issue we’ll show you how to make foam indoor model glider according to the “frame”. Such aircrafts can be seen in the documentaries of the second world war, and modern aviation exhibitions – they invariably attract, vnimaie its unusual appearance.
For the manufacture of the airframe will take three thin sticks for skewers: one to simulate the fuselage and two for the frame that holds the wing and tail (stabilizer and two keel). As before, using the templates, cut out from a sheet of rectangular foam wing, stabilizer and two keel. Using a needle and thread join between the wing and the stabilizer, neatly “sew” them thin sticks – skeleton frame. Similarly attached to the wing rod, not forgetting to put on his small bushing and gluing it close to the front edge of the wing. This sleeve will provide the desired angle of the wing to create a lifting force (approximately 4 degrees). All the joints can also process a thin layer of glue. In conclusion, carefully tape the two stabilizer keel and secure the cargo – a small metal screw or a nut weighing about 3.5 grams. Again recall that the wing and tail of the airframe can be applied a simple drawing or writing by using coloured tape.
Indoor model glider (
Room model glider (“frame”):
1 – the rod, simulating the fuselage; 2 – the rod of the frame; 3 – wing; 4 – keel; 5 – stabilizer; 6 – sleeve; 7 – shruz (screw M6x10)
Templates for room parts of the model glider according to the scheme
Templates for room parts of the model glider according to the scheme “frame”:
1 – wing; 2 – stabilizer; 3 – keel
Now, with the model of indoor gliders of different designs, can carry out their comparative tests, for example, on the range. Despite the fact that these models are basically toys, they broadly reflect the pros and cons of particular design solutions, and hence in the air will behave accordingly.

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