LIFEGUARD SUBMERSIBLE PUMPSIn the process of exploitation of the deep (submersible) pumps often break. To catch them on the outside of the flange for lifting from the well is impossible due to the tight fit of the latter to the well casing. To catch the open borehole pump in the well and pull it out for repair will help homemade trap-hook, mounted on a segment of the rod is square tube. From the version published in the journal “modelist-Konstruktor” No. 2’98, and other analogues of this fixture is distinguished, above all, reliability of operation and ease of use.

Among the undoubted merits of the proposed trap-hook is the fact that the machining operations in its manufacture is not required. Welding is also minimized, fixing a few details slight “dragging”, which may be implemented by any “svarochnik”, including homemade, made by one of the publications magazine “modelist-Konstruktor” (see for example, № 1’90, 8’92, 11 ’92, 9’94, 2’95, 1’96, 3’96, 5’97, 8’97, 4’98, 2’99, 6’99, 11’99, 1’2000, 9’2000).


Size (excluding inter-axle 80 and 200 mm) did not cite, as they are determined by the inner diameter of casing pipes, submersible pump design and materials that are available from the manufacturer of such devices. However, I think it appropriate to emphasize that the strip foundations are made of carbon steel of grade St3 and after the bolt from binding on the rod-tube of square cross section are rigidly connected by welding together with limiters, pin and cut washers.

The compression spring is better to take ready (for example, to pick up and buy the decommissioned trucks and tractors) But hooks-latches, sliding design similar with household scissors will have to do themselves, for example, of stainless steel of grade 40ХНВА.


The lifting of the broken submersible pumps with pipes on flanges

Device for lifting the broken submersible pumps with pipes on flanges:

1 — lance guide; 2— bolt M10 with nut and washer Grover (3 set); 3 — steel band-the Foundation (2); 4 — truncated washer (2 PCs.); 5,11 — hooks-clamps; 6 — movable rod-M12; 7 — compression spring; 8 — warney pin; 9— rod (square tube); 10— nuts M 12; 12— limiter (4 PCs); 13 — spacer

During the descent of the device in the borehole hooks-latches, while in the folded state, propped up with a rod-bolt with compressed spring.


After reaching the flange of the submersible pump hooks-clips
straighten and “glaring” in the wall provide a secure grip stuck submersible pump and retrieved from the casing of the well.

The purpose of the limiters is to exclude the further development and emergency folding hooks spikes down. Otherwise, the inevitable failure of fixation and repeated loss of the submersible pump in the well.

N. BULIK, Khmelnitsky region, Ukraine

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