Many rural residents who had not previously had the cow, now forced them to start. Because the cow has always helped humans to survive in difficult times, providing it with milk. But the owner should take care of the animal to the cow in the stall period were full. As you know, the main feed cows grass or hay. Unfortunately, the cow while in the stall, not very zealous about his food and in search of delicious blades of grass could easily trample a whole bunch of hay or grass.

To avoid this, make a special trough-a manger.

Offer one old experienced design manger, easy and safe for the animal, since this feeder is made almost without nails.

Design manger — frame. The frame is assembled from identical upper and lower rectangular studs and 16 are approximately equidistant from each other stands.

Strapping made of timber with a cross section not less than 100×100 mm or logs with a diameter of about 150 mm and a length of 1200 mm. the Top and bottom of the logs in this case fringes, that is, each log otesyvajutsja from opposite sides. Strapping is collected on bruskah vpoldereva with the remainder, which shall be not less than 50 mm at both ends of each timber (logs). If necessary, details of the strapping are fastened together by clamps made of steel wire with a diameter of 6 mm.

On the upper surface of each timber (logs) bottom trim drill four holes of diameter of about 30 mm at a depth of about 2/3 the thickness of the timber. The middle holes at the same time placed closer to the outer side of the beams, and extreme — to the inside.

The same response hole is drilled and the lower surfaces of the beams of the upper trim.

Further, in the opening of the lower binding score poles with a length of about 1500 mm and a diameter of approximately 40 mm, pre-sharpened their ends to size from versti seated. But with one side of strapping two high poles are set a short (about 400 mm). This place is arranged a window through which Bessie could get from the trough of hay or grass. The window with the clear dimensions of not less than 600×500 mm (height x width) collected from bruskov by section 50×50 mm Corner joints of the frame by a single spike plus eye fastening with wooden pegs. In the upper and lower bars outside, drill the appropriate holes for the poles.


Design strapping. Notching vpoldereva with remainder

Design strapping. Notching vpoldereva with the rest

Framework manger

The frame of the nursery:

1 — bottom rail (timber 100×100 or log d150); 2 — pole stand (d40); 3 — a window frame (timber 50×50); 4 — top rail (timber 100×100 or log d150)


Marking holes for the perches stands

Marking holes for poles-stands


Version of the weave of the walls of the trough-the manger

Option the netting walls of the trough-the manger


For walls use twigs (willow or similar, good flexible) with a diameter at the butt not more than 20 mm. Them in a circle twist around the pole, avoiding the latter alternately from one side or the other, as they weave baskets. When the height of the weave along with the piping will be about 500 mm on a short pole skewer the window frame. Close when you weave to the front of the frame, rods circle around the nearest long pole 180° and spin in the opposite direction. Reaching up to the top of the window, Prut again, braid in a circle. When to the top of the poles will be about 50 mm, a weave finish, and at the ends of the struts pushed the top rail.


If you want to install the manger under the open sky, then they need to make and easy cover and secure it to the upper trim on the hinges.

The long operation of such nurseries has shown their reliability, practicality and safety. And the main thing is that the animal is unable to throw food around and eats it completely.

P. BELOUSOV St. Alekseevskaya, Volgograd region

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