BERRY RAKESSince ancient times, people hunted their own food, collecting edible berries, Yes berries. The method of collecting the berries ever since has remained the same — squat or bend over to the Bush, tearing the berry (or better a handful of berries) from the twigs and put them in the basket. To pick berries, so, of course, also possible, except that the hands will crush some on the branches, and even bite who of the inhabitants of the forest or swamp. Bend over each berry was not easy, and productivity is low. Although, what kind of work is the pleasure of communicating with nature, except that bend-unbend still hard.


To increase (productivity) and to collect over time more berries, you need some device.


When in the woods will grow many mushrooms, people say: “Although oblique mow!” And here suggests itself: what the berries in a good year we have to rake? Here in my head and came up with the idea…


Currently I made the original instrument to collect the berries with which this can be done while standing, not leaning. Consider his invention important to collectors-the men — they somehow harder to bend than women.


Fixture design, in General, is simple. It is similar to the joint combination of the smallest inverted horse-drawn rake (though these are now rarely where you will meet) and a toy excavator bucket: consists of a housing and cloves together in a plate. Well, since this tool manual, case attached another tulaka with a handle.

Manual The body of the bucket is cut out from a galvanized steel sheet with thickness 0,5 — 0,8 mm. to Apply the sheet thickness does not suggest the reason of the weight of the structure: when berry will be tired hands. But to replace galvanized steel to stainless steel of the same thickness not only possible, but desirable. The wire for kinks need to pick up a hard spring to keep a specified original shape even if bent arbitrarily during operation. Bend the wire in the teeth is best in the copier.

The device in question, designed for the collection of various berries with a diameter of 5 mm or more. These are the gifts of the forest, such as blueberry, cowberry, blueberry, cranberry. You can gather currants and gooseberries. Who wants a scoop, only larger berries can correspondingly increase the pitch of the wire teeth. The distance between the teeth in the light must be equal to or even slightly less than collect the berries.


When the diameter of wire 2 mm pitch is 7 mm. For the described devices are the same cloves you need 18 pieces. In the housing and the plate with the same pitch of 7 mm are drilled (preferably together and at the same time) for 18 holes of diameter 2 mm (thickness of wire) in which to insert the cloves. The plate is bent 180 degrees, compressing each wire. This place is for rigidity of the whole structure it is better to solder any fusible solder. Direct the tips of the wires are inserted into the housing bore until it stops. Thereafter, the lugs of the plate riveted to the body, and the lugs are bent and crimped tightly around the outermost teeth.

A device for picking berries


Device for picking berries:

1 — housing (galvanized steel sheet s0,5);

2 cloves (spring steel wire Ø2. 18).

3 — plate (galvanized steel sheet s0,5);

4 — tulaka (tube Ø20—24);

5 — Assembly bonding fixture (steel rivet Ø3, 5 PCs.);

6 — arm (a deciduous tree of firm breeds);

7 — mount the arm in tulake (screw Ø3).

Bracket arm — tulaka made from cut thin-wall tubes or bends of galvanised steel slightly larger thickness (1 — 1.5 mm) than the housing and the plate. The handle is of circular cross section, made of light yet durable enough wood. Can be applied to modern plastic materials, but not brittle. The average arm length of approximately 500 mm (but this size can vary depending on the growth of the collector), and its diameter 18 — 22 mm. the Lower end of the arm ostrugivajutsja lightly on the cone, or rather of the wedge and is inserted into the tube core. In the wall of the tube has a hole for a small screw that is attached to there arm. Tulaka itself to the body fastened with three rivets. Modern tool — riveter — allows beautiful, and most importantly — securely fasten thin parts. Who has applied on them no one can make this operation manually, or screwing the handle to the housing with M4 bolts.


All repeat this simple design I wish you a successful gathering berries on a “quiet hunt”!


I. ROSTOV, p. Sazonov on, Vologda region

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