FILTER BOTTLEWhen the faucet suddenly begins to run cloudy or rusty water, and a filter for cleaning the house is not then so off the cuff can be manufactured from readily available materials, probably available in every home medicine Cabinet.

The filter housing can serve as a cylindrical plastic box-container (usually stored vitamins), the neck of which was attached would be the crown of the outlet tube. For the most part such containers are made from food grade plastic, but still it will be useful to pay attention to standing on her signs. Do not use cartridges that have notes: PVC and Z — they are not for food. In the bottom of the case drilled some evenly spaced holes with a diameter of 2 — 3 mm.
Filter elements — all from the same home kit. For water purification from mechanical impurities will serve as sterile cotton, or folded in several layers of bandage. For chemical treatment of water (and partly biological) suitable activated charcoal tablets only need to be crushed into smaller granules, thereby increasing the adsorbing surface of the substances.
For a deeper biological treatment in the case-filter can be placed a silver ring, and even better — the mesh of the same metal. It is known that silver has excellent antibacterial properties. But this element in the medicine Cabinet there, but because the ring will have to borrow from someone from home, and the mesh can be recovered from the teapot.
Fig. The quick filter to clean tap water:
1 — housing (plastic tube under the vitamins); 2 — the first filter layer (sterile cotton or bandage); 3 — adsorber (activated carbon); 4 — second filter layer (sterile cotton or bandage); 5 — mount (PVC duct tape or a rubber tube); 6 — tip of gander; 7 — silver ring or mesh; 8 — magnetic ring (acoustic dynamics)

To the water was at least harmless, such a filtration is sufficient. But you can still improve its quality, at the same time giving it healing properties. And to achieve this too easy — need the spray to put another ring, this time — magnetic. According to the inventor of the funnel-magnitotron V. S., Petrushenko, taken before eating 30 — 50 grams passed through a magnet water has on the body preventive and even therapeutic effects.
If the filter is poorly kept at the head of the crane, it is possible to wind a PVC adhesive tape. The same tape can be mounted the filter on the head of the gander, wraping her tight top.
A. TIMOFEEV, Blagoveshchensk, Amur region

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