THE DITCH... IN THE GARDENWhatever was planted in the garden — whether flowers, vegetables, shrubs or fruit trees — every plant requires regular, and often abundant and continuous irrigation.

Much simpler and easier this job will allow simple device, successfully tested by me and serves regularly more than one season Is a kind of mini-irrigation system that consists of feed water portable plastic pipe and a series of small ditches between landings (Fig.1). And if the device ditches poses no difficulty (just a shallow long groove), the flow of water demanded special solutions.
Of course, you could just lay a section of perforated pipe, as sometimes do But jets are different because water pressure depends on the distance of the holes plugged from one end of the pipe. In addition, the need for moisture in each planting their own So it would be good to supply water selectively, that is to have on the distribution pipe of some regulatory and even overlapping the spray device.
Fig. 1. The irrigation system via the irrigation ditches
Fig. 1. The irrigation system via the irrigation ditches

Fig. 2. Nozzle-limiter irrigation holes
Fig. 2. Nozzle-limiter irrigation holes
Fig. 3. Option for watering the lawns and flower beds
Fig. 3. Option for watering the lawns and flower beds

Offer the option of irrigation, which I think is the most simple and available to each of the cottagers, gardeners. For trumpet (with holes near each ditch) are split clamps made of tin or plastic and are placed on it (Fig. 2). Nadiga the clamp on the hole, you can change the intensity of the blast or even completely block it. If necessary, for additional tightening clamps are made of bracket, clamping his shanks; clamps also can have a sealing rubber or foam liner.
I have clamps made of sheet duralumin, with the shanks and the support brackets (see Fig.2) sequentially Reducing the overlap from hole to hole in the side plugged the pipe end (the last one remains fully open), to achieve uniform irrigation. One such pipe serves through the ditches at the same time five of the beds.
Arriving at the cottage, open the crane, and after half an hour all the ditches already filled with water and impregnated with moisture, the ground, and I do other works that are difficult to mechanize. for example, weeding or harvesting.
For watering the lawn or flowerbeds use the pipe without clips, installing it at an angle, with the slope of the lawn (Fig. 3) — then jet in flight scattered (especially against the wind) and not eroding green cover and soil.
A. GONCHAR, Rudny, Kazakhstan

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