BOOKCASE FOR... SOUNDHer originality is evident when you first glance at this construction, and with familiarity this impression is further strengthened. Judge for yourself.

Although this table was developed specifically for radio, however, is incorporated in it makes it universal. The fact that the rigid, one-piece part of it is only the main vertical box, and the shelves are inserted freely and can at any time be removed or moved between any other level. Let us consider how this is achieved.
As is clear from the introductory characteristics of the tables, the basis of it is a vertical box, bearing the entire load is constructive.
Its housing is assembled from two vertical panels, side panels, connected by horizontal panels krysheval and bottom parts, with the strengthening bars in the corners. Material of body panels — furniture Board or particle Board; they are connected between them in any convenient way for you: plug the round tenon (dowel) and glue (carpenter’s or PVA), on the screws or furniture bolts. As the gain in the corners can be used metal angles or wood bars of square or triangular cross-section.
Now go to the most interesting part of the body of the tables — her unusual skin, which plays the role of a brackets for shelves. It is formed by fastening to the vertical panels of a number of cross-beams — horizontal brackets, boards or the same material that was used for the housing tables. The hanging skin is easier to accomplish by means of screws, but be sure to pre-drill pilot holes appropriate drill bit smaller than screw diameter, then a vertical panel will not crack under load cantilever mounted shelves and placed them items.
Secret design
When hanging crossbars must comply with one important condition, which, in essence, depends on the originality of the tables: there should be a gap, dictated by the thickness of the future shelves. In addition, a pair of cross-members adjacent to both sides of the body, should be strictly on the same level relative to each other.
Depot that panel shelves are simply inserted in the cracks, in fact, only relying on a corresponding pair of crossbars.
Multi-tiered outdoor side table
Multi-tiered outdoor side table:
1 is a vertical panel; 2 — cross member-brackets shelves; 3 — shelf; 4 — furniture wheel, side (2 PCs); 5 — console, front wheels; 6 — front wheel; 7 — bar reinforcement; 8 — horizontal bar (two of them: the roof and bottom); 9 — drawers

The decision of installation of shelves in the locker make doubly universal. First, as already mentioned, they can be rearranged depending on the dimensions of the disposable objects. Second, the shelf can be inserted at different depths: end flush with the opposite side of the tables — and then the bedside table is like a wall; or through large output of a shelf on the opposite side, making the nightstand a bilateral, convenient to place near the table or even in the middle of the room.
If necessary, one or two crossbars may be hiding boxes for all auxiliary things — then do the crossmember for the front panel. Housing easy to assemble boxes from thick plywood, with a bottom of hardboard or thin plywood. As a support and sliding rails is better to use metal corners.
This is the most simple details tables, as they are only panels, are sawed from furniture Board or particle Board. Their width should be such that allows you to freely push them into the main box of a bedside table between the strut-brackets; and the length — depending on whether the unilateral bedside table, or shelf will permeate through it. The possible combinations of these elongated shelves with a short that in addition to the specific amenities have a positive effect on the aesthetics of the tables.
Additional usability of the table gives the availability of the furniture wheels. Three of them: two of them are located along the edges of the bottom panel, and the third forward on the bracket from the metal bracket — it provides the necessary stability to the table, especially when unilateral location on the shelves.
Two-sided arrangement of shelves bedside tables
Two-sided arrangement of shelves tables
Truck tables
The cart version of the tables:
1 — wooden console furniture wheel; 2 — a crossbar with two wheels

As truck tables can be assembled from wooden bars of the T-shaped support on which to place all three wheels. The support bars are interconnected lock vpoldereva, on the screws with glue. After assembling them and installing the wheel bearing is mounted on screws or bolts and nuts to the bottom panel of the tables.
It can be performed at the stage of preparation of individual parts, and after the whole table will be collected.
Like most homemade furniture, all preparations for it should be thoroughly abraded with sandpaper — operation is required before any subsequent form of painting or papering
Given the potential shift shelves, it is best to procure them from furniture Board, only covered in several layers of a furniture varnish. If the material tables served as the DSP, after grinding the surfaces must be primed again, sanded and then painted with enamel or nitropaints, and after if you want a varnish.
The inner surface of the boxes can not paint, but the lower part of the tables and a cart with wheels is the best paint in black or dark brown color: it will look good in contrast with the main finish the rest detail.
B. VLADIMIROV (software development magazine “Praktik”, Germany)

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