CAROUSEL SPICEHave exemplary housewife always stock a variety of spices, designed for cooking tasty, delicious dishes — be it first, second, rolls, or dessert. And, of course, well, if all this is not necessary to look for cabinets and shelves, and have, that is, always at hand. This will help simple, but very convenient rack-spinner, proposed by the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster”. It is easy to make your own, the benefit of the construction and materials available any DIY.

Basic details

The shelf consists of an open front box-like base with a semicircular top and bottom panel and rotatable between a two-story turntables of the two wire mesh discs mounted on a vertical axis.

Base (chipboard) has a rear wall and adjoining the two narrow sides that form a rigid frame together with the upper and lower panels. In the axial centers of the last drilled holes for mounting to the vertical axis of the vane. The axle itself is a circular wooden rod (for example, cut shovel). On it onto the glue two discs of chipboard, all of which are nests of cells under the jars of spices. Socket can be selected on the half-thickness of the disc or to facilitate drilled through, as shown in the figure. In this case the bottom to attach wire mesh discs solid discs, which play the role of the bottoms.

To facilitate the rotation of the bottom turntable axis bearing set (bearing) —thin plastic circle.

The sizes are approximate, since they depend on the jars with spices.


It starts with the housing shelves: upper and lower semi-circular panels of chipboard are fixed to the ends of the wall to plug-in round thorns with glue or just nailed. To give greater rigidity of the joints between the panels are mounted rack-side panels with fastening by nails and glue (carpenter’s, PVA).

Pinwheel is collected separately. Ready for her stud — a vertical axis, and both dual-layer disc. The diameter of the cells and their number will be dictated by the size of the jars. The finished discs are placed on the rod so that the bottom of them never touched the ground, and the upper left able to pry underneath the jars from cell-nests. To enhance the attachment of the top disk in rod driven located crosswise nails without hats.


Shelf fan

Shelf turntable:

1 — wall; 2 —side; 3 — the top and bottom panels; 4— fastening of the fan; 5 — mesh disk; 6 — a solid disc-bottom; 7 — axis of the vane; 8 — strengthen the attachment of the drive (a nail); 9 — thrust bearing (plastic)

After fixing the discs on the rod under its lower end is attached a foot. Through the axial centers at the ends of the rod are decided by the nail holes.

Prepared in this way the turntable is inserted into the housing shelves and through the prepared holes in the panels and the rod is fixed by the fasteners (nails).


All items shelves-vane before final Assembly carefully vyshkurivaetsya sandpaper, and then painted. It can be popular now “Pinotex” any shade or processing stain followed by coating of light furniture varnish in several layers, or staining of dirt, oil or enamel paints of the same or different colors.

This shelf looks good on the kitchen table and on the wall. In the latter case, on the back of the shelves are attached with standard furniture lugs for suspension.

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