WITHOUT THE STAMP AND PUNCHEveryone is used to what is required for forming the matrix and punch. In many cases, however, can do without the surround matrix — sufficient and shaped holes in sheet metal or plywood. But without the surround of the punch!..
Ship modelers from the station of young technicians of the Czechoslovak Olomouc could do without this, very hard to produce parts, using instead a framework consisting of three flat plywood plates. How it works — shown in the drawings. The top plate is cut along the contour of the deck, the second loop plane, the third line crossing the bottom and sides. All three parts are connected by studs and bead of triangular cross-section, the top is glued wooden dowel for rigidity.
The matrix is a plywood plate with a hole that follows the outline of the deck increased by the contour to the thickness of the case material, plus 0.5—1 mm.
Design of punch and die for stamping housings boat
Design of punch and die for stamping enclosures boat:
1 — frame-punch. 2 — matrix (plywood with a thickness of 10-12 mm) 3 — thermoplastic with a thickness of 1 to 1.5 mm 4 — bars mounting thermoplastic, 5 — reinforcing pad.

Stamping is made from mm of polystyrene or other thermoplastic sheet material. Sheet is fixed on a plywood matrix wooden plates and small clamps, is heated on the hot plate, and then pressed the frame-punch. While the softened polystyrene tight cheekbones and sides so clean that the surface of the body further does not require any additional processing, except for color.
Ease of fabrication of the punch and die allows without any difficulties to prepare for the ship circle a dozen of these kits on almost all occasions — for yachts, self-propelled models up to a length of 500 mm, as well as simple models.

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