CASCADING FRONTClosed furniture-type drawers or column with shelves needed for everyday storage of linen and easy home clothes. But after suburban papers you have heated your bath or sauna and made a whole bunch of traditional in such cases, towels, sheets, robes — where to place them in the dressing room?

Usually there is a hanger which is convenient not for all the things you brought. Much more versatile would be here this bookshelf rack, to make which is quite capable with his hands.
This is quite enough for regular home tool and scraps of material, inevitably remaining in the economy after the construction of a cottage or a garden small house.
For the manufacture of such an unusual “closet” open type will require a small panel on a shelf and a wooden beam on a vertical rack, which carried out the installation of shelves in the form of a cascade.
Actually the stand is a wooden beam of cross section 25 x 45 mm and a height of about 2000 mm. It is set in the small basement bar of furniture Board or particle Board, which is prepared corresponding hole under it. If “rack” is not for the above mentioned purposes and will be subject to much greater stress, to improve the reliability of the shelf and the bottom of the beams strengthened with metal corners.
Cascading clothing rack for sauna
Cascading clothing rack for saunas:
1—timber-stand; 2—shelf mount (screw); 3—slanted shelves with grooves to counter their mutual connection; 4—basement bar-base; 5—wooden bar for fastening the edge of the lower shelf; 6 — metal corner enhance mounting rack for basement bar

Throughout the height of the stand to it with screws (and gain) is attached to a cascade of sloping shelves from the same Board or chipboard. In addition to mounting to the rack shelves are connected even among themselves due to the cut in each of them counter-grooves: approaching them to each other, the panels interlock with lock, as if forming a single drop-down snake shelves. The speakers at the same time the grooves the ends of the shelves serve as stops to put on them things. To connect the lower shelf with the same ground bar additionally used a narrow wooden block.
Stand-“wardrobe” is so simple in design that all the rest is clear from the drawings. It is necessary to pay attention that in use it two way: things can be laid on both sides of the cascade, making the rack quite roomy.
This “Cabinet” has another interesting property: it is easy to move. For example, if necessary, can be made directly to the sauna — and how nice it would be then to use the hot sheets, a towel or a Bathrobe.

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