The side of this chair resembles the shape of a seated person comfortably. Obviously, this is not accidental, because it is designed to provide maximum comfort. The fact that unlike conventional chairs and even sun loungers people can be here not only deeply leaning back, but in General… make horizontal, almost reclining position, and without leaving the chair, and not by manipulating the back. The design proposed by the magazine “Earmaster” (Hungary), allows you to do this, despite the fact that it lacks hinges.

Their role is the very Foundation of the chair. To understand this “kinematics”, we will consider the structure of the chair in more detail.
The unusual chair is not and habitual legs. However, there is something reminiscent of them in front, but a unit with the seat and which is, in fact, the stops, limiting it to tilt forward. It is part of curly side seat are made from plywood (or chipboard) with a thickness of 20 mm using the jigsaw. The middle of the lower edge of the side cut radius, which corresponds to a concavity the upper edge of the sidewalls of the base support frame of the chair.
The sidewall is connected to the nailing strips (2) forming and uniting the backrest, the actual seat and footrest.
Support frame, in addition to curly of the side walls has a connecting cross tie-rods (or alternatively — strap). To her side outside the dock on the screws plywood (or chipboard) of the semicircle (or segments) — cheeks-limiters, not giving the seat side to move with the sidewalls of the base.
The outside of the cheeks, around their middle part, on the pins attached to wooden handles. Holding them, sitting in the chair exerts a small force — and the seat “tilts” to any desired angle, up to horizontal position.
Convertible chair
Convertible chair:
1 — side panel (2 PCs); 2 — cross (strap); 3 — side panel frame (2); 4 — coupling (2 panels or 4 rod); 5 — cheek-limiter (2 PCs); 6 — handle (2 PCs)
Production seats

Manufacturer seat:
1 — cutting out sidewalls; 2 — treatment of edges; 3 — drilling in the sidewalls of the housings nageli; 4 procurement of sockets for the pins in the crossbars; 5 — assembling crossbars with the side walls; 6 — tightening clamps assembled seat
The making of a reference frame

Manufacturer reference frame:
1 — preparation in the sidewalls of the housings of the screed; 2 — build ties with the sidewalls

Options for the seat
Options for the seat:
But — normal (read-only); B — laid (to rest); — horizontal (for sleep)

Machining of workpieces of a chair — usual wooden joinery: a thorough cleaning of edges and planes sandpaper (by hand or sander), with the subsequent layered application of furniture Polish (if desired — pre-treatment with the stain) or by painting with oil paints or enamels.
This chair is easy to turn in soft, resting on the seat and under the backrest cushion or a specially stitched quilted mattress, preferably in bright colors.

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