CHILDREN'S FURNITURE? IT'S EASY!Everyone would like to make the nursery comfortable and practical furniture. Unfortunately, not always we are satisfied with the sets of items that are sold in stores. Meanwhile, having at least a minimum of joiner’s skills, you may be able to make the simple set, which equally will suit you and your children. Moreover, the sizes of its individual elements easily vary depending on the age of children and size of room.


It will require chipboard, lined with plastic or decorative film. The dimensions of the parts must relate to the place that you took for the object in the room. In particular, it is shown in the figure, the wardrobe consists of two slabs of size 533X2440 mm and two mm. 533X1830 the First — side.. of the wall Cabinet. The top and bottom they connect two plates with a length of 915 mm (plate length 1830 mm cut in half). The bottom shelf of the Cabinet is installed at a height of 150 mm from the floor. A second plate with a length of 1830 mm is also cut into two equal parts, which are made of the inner shelf and Cabinet design. Shelf set at a distance of 500 mm from the top plate.
The space above it was covered with two glass (or plywood) sliding doors.
The rest of the material with dimensions 533X915 mm sawn into five strips of equal width: four will go to the box manufacturer under the bottom plate of the Cabinet, and one will be a decorative panel while the bracket for the blind, which is rolled into a tube similar to the portable movie screen — it will replace the closet door.
Make the desktop a bit on the harder. Building material — the same particle Board. For countertops, you will need one particleboard with dimensions 456X1500 mm. It is secured ka the wall using two angle brackets. Under it is a table, which has special compartments for storage of toys, school supplies and other small items.
A bedside table serves as an additional support of the table top, so its height should match the distance from the floor to its bottom plane. Manufacturer of cabinets is convenient to start with the preparation of parts of the side walls. To its rear wall are two vertical straps with brackets for shelves.
This bed is especially good for narrow rooms where a regular bed would take up too much space. The basic idea of the design is that the length of the wooden frame is equal to the width of the room and the structure is fixed on a convenient for your child’s height on opposite walls. The advantage of this furniture and that hinged but hinged cover transforms the bed into a comfortable table for practice and games.
The frame is made from sturdy boards, the bottom is made of plywood with a thickness of about 12 mm. Cover — from the same plywood, is pivotally suspended to rømø on the piano loop. In vertical position the cover to hold small fasteners-latches.
It combines a Desk, shelves and bedside table.
The basis of frame — the number of uprights of square (50X50 mm) cross section and bars (25X50 mm). Carved shelves covered with plastic or decorative foil chipboard. The length of the vertical struts corresponds to the height from the floor to the ceiling of the room, the length of the beam — 460 mm, flange width — 380 mm.
Work start with the manufacturing of racks. Attach them to the wall. The front uprights connect with the floor or ideally, set vraspor between the floor and ceiling. It remains to place the shelves and attach them to the rails with screws — rack ready.
This small table and complete with stool takes up little space. It will require panels of thick plywood or particle Board, covered with plastic. The parts are joined together by corners with screws and glue. For greater strength the upper corners are strengthened with plywood gussets. The advantage of the table and that it can work lying in bed.
Beds of this design is especially useful for families with two children of different ages. Bunk bed not only requires minimal space, but is an element that separates the room into two parts.

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