COMFORTABLE CONSERVATIONPreparation for the winter vegetables, fruits and berries in many cases, connected with great inconvenience due to the imperfections of technology and primitiveness kitchen appliances for the job. I would like to offer home hosts a very simple device that helps to simplify and even to protect their work. Let me remind you a bit of a process. Filling vegetables. for example tomatoes, 3-liter jar, pour boiling water over them. After enduring for some time, the hot water is drained.


In this use, typically a conventional cover cloth pressing it to the neck of the banks and shifting a little on the side to release the water, but to hold the contents of the can. Both ends of the cloth holding heavy and very hot to the Bank. Water pours messy jet, burning a hand spray. Small berries and fruits often with ode to sleep outside. In a word, unpleasant and also very dangerous” occupation. To relieve it and helps my device.


In the standard metal cover to punch a 4-sided with a punch hole from the outside. to the contrary, within the banks, get long burrs. On top of the lid mounted clip made of stainless steel or other resilient. Between the fastening screw and clip washers. The bent ends of the clamp should grip the flange of the banks under the lid. On the edge of the bracket riveted pins, so that . if you click the bottom edge of the plate bent and the cover is easily shot.
Now securing a lid on the pot of boiling water can not be afraid that the water in the sink will get wrong, and with it expensive now products. Burrs on the holes will not allow the contents of the banks to block the drain.
But there is still one danger — hot in the hands of the Bank To resolve using the second part of my improvements.
Fig. 1. The adaptation for conservation
Fig. 1. A device for canning:
1 – clamp 2 – cover,3 – side banks, 4 – puck, 5 – pin, 6-screw and nut, And a punch.

Fig. 2.
Fig. 2. “Removable handle”:
1 – metal tape, 2 – bike camera, 3 – handle, 4 – clip, 5 – castle.
R – selected diameter cans

Made of aluminum or sheet steel stripped. Its length should allow to firmly grasp the jar and the width — to pull a piece of Bicycle inner tube. At the ends of the strip riveted hook and clip, which you can often find boxes and boxes of written-off when a hog. It now remains to attach with countersunk screws two diametrically opposed handles. They are made from sturdy wooden bars. Wearing the ring on the jar and tightening his tie, you can lift the can by the handles without fear of burns and other troubles.
The final operation is the rolling stories are performed as usual.
A. ERMOLIN, Khmelnitsky, Ukraine

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