The design is very simple, the only condition is that the selection of quality materials and precision in layout and machining. Together the elements are joined the most common method — the pins, spreading carpenter’s glue or epoxy.
If the furniture is intended for indoor use, after Assembly it can be covered with transparent furniture varnish. If you intend to install the kit on the street, to protect the wood from decay and insects drevotochtsy it should be carefully proolifit, and then cover with two layers of nitroenamels bright colors. It is also desirable to protect the ends of the legs from abrasion of sand and swelling from moisture. For this you can use a nosing bent from a 1…3 mm of tin or aluminum.
Furniture set for garden
Furniture set for garden:
1 — element of the tabletop (Board 20х150х950 mm, 4 PCs.), 2 — leg table (timber 45х120х660 mm, 4 PCs.), 3 — jumper (timber 45х70х180 mm, 2 PCs.), 4 — tie (timber 45х70х765 mm), 5 — element transverse underframes (timber 45х70х640 mm, 2 PCs.), 6 — longitudinal element table supports (timber 35х45х765 mm, 2 pieces), 7 — leg front (timber 35х120х680 mm, 4 pieces), 8 — foot, rear (timber 35х120х970 mm, 4 PCs ), 9 — side member of the backrest (Board 20х150х380 mm, 4 pieces) 10 — element of the backrest (Board 20х150х320 mm, 10 PCs), 11 — armrest (Board 20х70х540 mm, 4 PCs ), 12 — coupling side (timber 35х70х350 mm, 8 PCs) 13 — tie (timber 35х70х1850 mm, 4-piece), 14 — item seat (Board 20х150х580 mm, 14 pieces), 15 — element of the seat frame (Board 35х70х490 mm, 3 PCs.), 16 element of the backrest (lumber 35х70х490 mm 2), 17 — end (tin 1х105х140 mm, 12 PCs.), 18 — Nagel.

According to the magazine “Earmaster-Hobby” (Hungary)

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