Want to equip your apartment a comfortable berth in a modern style, and with minimal cost! One way to con design before you description have the pages of the Polish journal “MOLE MIESZKNIE”. Unlike traditional furniture offer a sample has easily the truest sense of the word, and variability Look at the pictures to Learn. for what reasons made this sofa! Of course, this hammock, though a bit transformed under urban conditions.

Foundation chair — thick and sturdy nylon fabric, hemmed on the edges and has two through pockets are inserted In the last two dural tubes with a diameter of 50 mm. as pipe supports are three of Lara hooks on the wall and openings in the cabinets armrests optional “back” of the sofa can be raised or lowered, creating a comfortable anatomical seat.
But that’s not all! At nightfall, the sofa turns into a double sleeper couch. For this Cabinet (consisting of two halves each, fastened together with piano hinges unfold and the lounger is laid horizontally. Pipe this fixed in the cutouts of the cabinets.
Have design and another feature is not accidentally mentioned her ease. Suppose you suddenly came friends. Sunbed urgently removed, or rather, screwed onto the pipe and “hiding” in a vertical position, for example, behind the door. Tables are moved to the table and, if necessary, disclosed, forming a “landing” place. At the same time released the dance Word bed wagon!
Cutouts in the stand for fixing pipes of lager
The cutouts in the stand for fixing the tubes in the sunbed.
Stand-armrest (material chipboard thickness of 16 to 20 mm)
Table armrest (material chipboard Tolstoy 16…20 mm).
The hook on the wall for hanging
The hook on the wall for hanging “backless sofa” .
Use hammock
The use of the hammock.
To all it remains to add that the cabinets can be assembled from chipboard thickness of 16 to 20 mm and then painted by nitroenamel or to paste wooden veneer. The design of the lounger also allows various options: it can be not only nylon, but is made of 2-4 layers of thick canvas, stitched “squares” it would be Good between the layers to lay a sheet of foam rubber thickness 10 mm…S0
And again, the specific dimensions of the sofa-hammock should be based on your requirements. You can, for example, a sofa, a chair hammock that is to reduce the width of the structures in half and, based on the use of one person.

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