CLIP BOARDSHow quickly and firmly connected to the flat parts? For example, lined with metal or other hard surface insulating mats, where access from one side? A simple and effective solution was offered by the participants NTTM-78 V. ul and A. Khromov. They have designed a kind of paper clip that allows you to quickly and thoroughly implement such connections.

The fastening part consists of two parts: a dual pin and curved washer. Half of the pin is flat, is connected by the axis of the stud. In the upper part of each curved arm and at the bottom — a swept shoulder. The puck is placed on a heatproof Mat, rests on feet that prevents the bursting of the insulating material and tells her banana properties.
The connection is as follows. On the Mat with the force necessary for penetration of the legs, fit the washer. Then through the hole and second, coaxially to it in the insulated surface, — a threaded pin to lock it levers into the washer. Because the length of the pin is slightly shorter than the thickness of the heatproof Mat (rather than the height of the legs of the washer] and insulated surface, it further dosimetry with enough force that his shoulder came out for the opposite edge of the connecting hole. Then the levers halves of the pin, podprygivaya the puck, hold the shoulder which will engage with the edges of the hole and closed the connection.
This device is comfortable and that allows you to easily remove the trim when updating or repairs, and the connecting elements themselves remain reusable.
Have these clips and another advantage: extremely low thermal conductivity because the contact area of the connecting elements of the pin and washer are insignificant, and so worthless and their ability to transfer heat to the insulated surface.

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