COLUMN FOR THE COLORSWhen I see the graceful and beautiful thing, there is an overwhelming desire to do the same Start thinking how to make it easier so I made the column rack for flowers, only four parts And what came out of it, seen in pictures and drawings. I’ll tell you more as to get a rack of accessible materials. I myself first of all, in order not to complicate the work, bought a thin baluster ends of square section with dimensions of 40×40 mm (better to grind it yourself still failed) And the round countertop cut himself, with a diameter of 380 mm, thickness — 30 mm.

The most difficult parts of the column turned legs. Drawing them on paper in full size and fancy shape, had a picture on ostrogannye boards 150 mm wide and 18 mm thick in fact, they have the same outline and grooves (60×18 mm), differ only in their orientation in the upper legs, the groove bottom, and the bottom one counter-groove at the top of Course, the appearance of the legs anyone can come up with in accordance with your taste and imagination. Each leg hand-carved jigsaw along the contour of the figure To make these parts more elegant forms processed edge manual milling machine, using a suitable curly cutter In the lower edges of the two blanks cut two round holes with diameters of 35 mm After that the legs sanded.
Below the tabletop to connect with the stand of baluster, in its center by using end mills with a diameter of 35 mm was chosen blind hole to a depth of 24 mm. And since the thickness of the countertop is small, carried out this operation carefully so as not to punch a hole through the workpiece. At the end of the baluster complied with the response time with a diameter of 35 mm and a height of 24 mm.
To insert legs on the other end of the balusters with a jig saw cut cross-grooves with a width of 18 mm at a length of 120 mm, thereby ensuring that the leg was part of the baluster is not very tight and when installed would not lead to cracking of the end portion of the baluster.
Stand for the colors in the collection
Stand for flowers in the collection:
1 lower leg, 2 — leg, 3 — front of the balusters, 4 — top.
Once all parts are ready, and started assembling. All of the connection details is carried out on the furniture glue and baluster legs with bonded and thin nails without hats.
When the Assembly finished, we started to finish. I prefer not to use stains and preserve the natural color and pattern of wood, covering the details of one or two layers of nitrocellulose lacquer furniture and two or three coats of varnish pentaphthalic.
The result is a beautiful stand for flowers or any figurines of just four parts: simply and inexpensively And most importantly — the product is made with your hands on your own imagination.
I think that to make such a column myself for any who can hold hand tools. I wish you success!
V. AKIMOV, g. Vidnoe, Moscow region

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