COMFORT BEGINS WITH A HANGERYou enter into your apartment, whether to visit, the first thing that greets you when you walk through the door, the hallway or the front, as it is called. In modern homes it is usually a small corridor, not as spacious to accommodate special headsets for the lobby, but not so small to go without furniture. Architects today are a compromise, providing for the hallway closets.

In cases where these closed alcoves spacious enough, they take on integrated functions: serve as a closet, storage place of shoes, shopping and sports bags, small suitcases, vacuum cleaner and polisher — various household things, which “rank” is not supposed to be in the living room.
However, even with large Microclover empty hallway that is crossing the threshold easier to remove outer clothing and shoes without leaving your front door, especially if it’s the weather. And have fitted wardrobes front still needed “operational”, the duty hanger for everyday wear. But since it is on view, in addition to the direct functional tasks, it would be nice for her to perform more decorative.
The tinkerers can make a variety of designs of this purpose that meet the peculiarities of the hallway, and the corresponding imagination, taste and intentions of the landlord. In the color section shows examples of possible solutions to such problems (on materials of magazines “Maison Francaise” (France), “Homemaker” (England) and “Practices” (GDR).
Wall hanger: a concise, simple, meets the requirements of modern design solution. Closet wall. Open middle part is intended for clothing, for doors of cabinets — plenty of compartments for different things (part of doors not shown).

Scheme for calculation of the size of the main functional blocks of the wardrobe wall.

The easiest and most concise embodiment of the hanger of two horizontal bars, fortified directly on the wall. The top serves for placing of hooks, the lower as a boundary wall of the garment. Between them left or right, as you prefer, is located a mirror cut at this size or is composed of individual squares that can be hung on a single basis or directly on the wall with glue or mastic for ceramic tiles. Visually, the mirror incorporates both the horizontal elements of the racking in the overall composition, the average of which is the wall itself. Complement the design of the U-shaped frame, mounted on the bottom bracket under the mirror and completed her floor stand — flat box intended for umbrellas. If necessary, the frame seat can occupy a small shelf for gloves or your phone.
Strap and frame made of boards or chipboard with a thickness of 20 mm and width 150 mm; length of the major elements will depend on the exhaust hangers, but the best General proportions option is 1500 mm. suspension Height of the upper limit is approximately at eye level, that is about 1600-1700 mm from the floor, and the distance between the slats is about 800 mm. If the family has children, for their clothes to a bottom bracket can be attached to additional hooks.
option hangers more complicated in design, but also opportunities. Grounds are a few of the l-shaped ribs hung on the wall by means of metal lugs, each with two at the top and in the middle. Between the ribs are nailed to him on the longitudinal straps are attached to the panel vertical, for fencing, wall, plastic, or decorative film-coated hardboard, pressed cardboard, thin plywood polished; horizontal, serve as shelves, — of seven-layer plywood. The edges of the boards with a thickness of 20 mm; the vertical part has a width of 170 mm and a length of 1500 mm, respectively, horizontal — 100, and 450 mm; connection — overlap itadaki, glue and screws. The distance between the ribs may be the same, 500 mm, or with a decrease in the extreme sections. In the top two threaded rods (you can use a trimming gas pipes) that pulled larger decorative hooks, sawed jigsaw of thick plywood. Between the ribs can be arranged with additional shelves, hanging soft lined pockets for folding umbrellas, clothing and head brushes, scarves with scarves and small things. In one of the sections it is convenient to place a large square or oval mirror, gluing or attaching it to bend the metal petals. This hanger will provide for more universal use, closer in its design and functions to open the closet-the wall.
Multi-purpose hanger.
Multi-purpose hanger.
Multi-purpose hanger.
Where the amount of available wall niches insignificant, it is better to make an indoor hallway closet, an exemplary embodiment of which is shown in tab. Its middle section to perform better without doors she will bear the above-mentioned “operational” functions as a hanger for everyday wear. The right-wing section is intended for jackets, suits, and the left consists of shelves (in the picture the doors are not shown). For the manufacture of the Cabinet wall is preferable to chipboard 20 mm thick: they are convenient to prepare long body panels and doors. The number of sections in the closet, and options for layout can be very different, but the basic components of their almost mandatory: Shoe compartment, section outerwear, drawers or shelves for small items, a mezzanine. Therefore, the tab shows a diagram with approximate measurements for calculation of parameters of main functional blocks of any design you wall.
Selecting the most suitable combination of the sections of the wardrobe, it should be borne in mind that, no matter what combination you stay, the basis of the amount the vertical bar and the horizontal plays a supporting role. Hence, the Assembly sequence: first, attached to the outside of the box-body, then install vertical panel forming a main section, then the horizontal part of the shelves, slider for drawers, in conclusion, hung doors, better hinges. The back wall is not a carrier, so it will fit thin plywood or hardboard.

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