CONCEIVED AND MADE THE SOFAThe Assembly of such sofa beds only took three days, however the design was thought through in advance. Wish it was spacious for sleeping, and a day would take up less space. So I made it folding. Assembled width slightly less than a meter, and in the evening it increases the size of the back cushions (in my version up to 1,5 m). The main material is chipboard sheets, boards, rods and foam with upholstery fabric.

The sofa consists of a box-base, two side supporting bars, a pull-out mattress on a rigid base and back cushions. Box size 2000X800 mm collected from boards in the thickness 20 and a width of 150 mm. from the Bottom nailed a sheet of plywood 3 mm thick To increase stiffness in the joints of boards with wooden corners.
The sides are made of chipboard. They can be covered with decorative fabric, but I all wooden parts burned with a blowtorch and covered with varnish. At the bottom of both sidewalls of the furniture attached by bolts to wooden beams, which sets the base connected to the sidewalls also furniture bolts.
The Foundation of the mattress — sheet of chipboard. It fits the felt with a thickness of 20 mm, then foam pads or a thickness of 100 mm, top nice to add an old cotton blanket and covered by a decorative fabric.
To support the mattress in the extended position are two of the stool, they are also made of chipboard, with the soft-top from felt and fabric. When assembling the sofa ka day they are used independently.
Folding sofa bed
Folding sofa bed:
1 — sidewall 2 — additional cushion, 3 — cushion backrest, 4 — pull out mattress, 5 — reference beam, 6 — stool-stand, 7 — box-Foundation.

Pillow back is made like a mattress, just a sheet of particleboard has been replaced by a ka plywood thickness of 5 mm. Additional narrow pillow is made using the same technology.
Their width is chosen individually. My sofa bed I was satisfied. I would be glad if someone will like it simple and comfortable enough instruction.
N. BOYKO, p. Egvekinot, Magadan region

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