THE CURLING... PODTSVETOCHNIKITHE CURLING... PODTSVETOCHNIKIThe flowers — and even artificial — always decorate the room. They look much better when they selected a suitable place on the wall, windowsill or table. For potted plants are usually made of podtsvetochniki light tables for a high leg or a special stand. They are convenient because they can be moved together with flowers. The design of stands and materials for them, perhaps, the same as colors, but I want to offer.


The main material used by me — staves (planks) of a worn parquet. Even the old, they are worthy of a better use than firewood: after all rivets are used, as a rule, hard and precious woods. And if the first property of the material for the stand is not critical, the second is highly desirable. After all, precious woods typically have a homogeneous structure and a beautiful texture.


The shape of the stand is unusual in that it is in the form of screw, so is particularly suitable for climbing (drop-down) decorative plants and flowers.
The base — square of chipboard with a thickness of 20 mm. However, it can be made of the same parquet staves, uniting the shield and glue the required number, good edge rivets made in the pile. Even better to fulfill the basis of two or even three, stepped, reducing the dimensions of the sides of each layer.
Harvesting for a stand of hardwood staves
The blank for the stand of parquet staves

In the center of the base of the drilled hole under a kind of axis: it has a fixed vertical pin — a steel rod with a diameter of 10 mm.
Preparation of the rivets is to cut them groove and tongue and the simultaneous fit to width. The thickness of all staves must be the same, but the length can vary, depending on your plan.
For example, in the simplest version of the stand length of all rivets is taken to be the same. They are strung on the pin one after another with a constant angular offset (clockwise or counterclockwise), like rungs of a spiral staircase. The angle of displacement of the studs depends on their number and is determined experimentally. The contacting surfaces of the rivets strung pre-lubricated with white glue. After assembling all of the rivets on the web need to pin down any cargo (steel disc) is to align and better adhesion to the parts.
In another embodiment, the length of the studs changes from commensurate with the base at first, they gradually decrease each successive rivets so that the top corresponds to the size podtsvetochniki platform at the top.
Version of the stand with one-dimensional studs:
1 — base; 2 — pin (steel, Ø10 rod); 3 — rivets (tree, L = 100, number — height); 4 — area under the flower; 5 — technological cargo (steel ingot)

Stand with studs in various lengths (with a Central or side location of the holes for the pin)
Stand with studs of various lengths (with a Central or side location of the holes for the pin)

Both options, in addition, you can also diversify and transfer the mounting holes from the edge of the wick in the middle. Then form the stand will remain the same screw, and increase the stability of the stand.
Trim rivets, at the discretion of the master or in accordance with the interior. But still better, in my opinion, carefully scriped and sanded riveting just varnished or impregnated with a drying oil, or treat with wax mastic and to Polish.
When I made these coasters from parquet klepok, I saw on TV the story about the destruction of pirated CDs. They piled up and crushed by the treads of a bulldozer. And then I had another design project: to make such a stand of pirated or defective CD techno. It is a pity that will implement it soon — I don’t have the required number of disks. It is clear that positioning wheels must track up, which will Shine with all colors of the rainbow, and create an extraordinarily beautiful look of the stand.
A. NORVATOV, Volsk, Saratov region.

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