CUTTER FOR PHOTO PAPERProcess modifications and finishing of the photograph necessarily involves pruning. It is also necessary when a label image on a piece of cardboard for participation in exhibitions. The operation itself is simple. But if it is executed carelessly, it may decrease the impression of a photograph, despite its artistic merit. Truly “a spoon of tar spoils a barrel of honey”!
The same cutters, which are manufactured by industry, do their functions, not entirely: first, they are designed for small formats, and secondly, just “refuse to work” with cardboard. We offer design, published in the American magazine “POPULAR SCIENCE”. This cutter allows you to process pictures on any substrate with a long side size up to 60 cm.
The base is made of plywood with a thickness of 10…12 mm. from the Bottom to it in length is attached to two bars 30X30 mm. the Cutting mechanism comprises a pressure roller, holder, knife and notched the handle. The holder is moved along the guide tube Ø 12 mm. One of the critical places in the design determines the straightness of the cut metal strip, which slides the blade of a knife. It acts on 3 mm over the edge of the base, and the height is recessed it is flush. Mounting screws (required flat-head, otherwise there is a risk to damage the print).
1 — base (plywood, thickness 12 mm), 2 — slider, 3 — axis (steel, Ø 6 mm), 4 — washer (2 PCs), 5 — a roller (rubber, Ø 50 mm) 6 — pen (plywood, thickness 12 mm), 7 — clamp (steel, thickness 3 mm), 8 — knife (steel, thickness 2 mm), 9 — pad (Plexiglas, thickness 2 mm), 10 — guide rail (steel, 2 mm thick), 11 — pole (2 PCs), 12 — emphasis (plywood, thickness 5 mm), 13 — guide (tube Ø 12 mm), 14 prop (2 piece), 15 — spring (2 PCs.).

To the in the process of trimming does not move, the rubber roller presses it through a spring-loaded cover plate to the base. And to control the trim line the trim should be made of transparent Plexiglas with a thickness of 2…3 mm.
The blade is made from thick chip saw blade processed on the sandpaper and finished on a leather belt or felt with the GOI paste.
Along the short side of the strap cutter are installed, ensuring the perpendicularity of the sides. It makes sense to consolidate the rule with millimeter graduations.
Specific values of the dimensions of the base depend on the needs of the photographer. But in any case, it is desirable that the width was about half the length.

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