So, if you remember, one of the characters in Chekhov’s play “the Cherry orchard” begins her monologue, facing the subject and our conversation today. And wardrobe really deserves “respect”, because it is the most visible piece of furniture in any house. Not by chance enterprises of the furniture industry offers us a variety of its variants. However to find one that would meet our needs and at the same time fit well into the interior of the room allotted to him is difficult. But there is a solution: do it yourself. Modern materials allow to make a wardrobe of any type, the quality is not inferior to the factory and thus satisfying your requirements.


The first wardrobes with solid mirror doors appeared at the end of the 70 years and immediately won popularity. Wardrobes with such outer surface is not only visually enlarge the space and give it a special solemnity, but well in harmony with any interior, as they represent it, themselves remaining invisible. And to hide the front panel mirrored glass is much easier than finishing them with veneer of valuable species with carefully selected patterns; surface quality is initially perfect.
To mount the mirror on the doors can be different: the metal legs on the perimeter, capping on the rubber or leather strips or with a baguette. The latter is not only reliable, but also the most beautiful: character profile framing slats will add a special drawing and to the entire product. Best to use “clean” fillets, that is, the rake processed no gesso, no dyes. This edging is more practical, more resistant to mechanical stress and, most importantly, amenable to toning or staining.
To mirror is not affected by the unevenness on the bearing surface between it and the door should pave a layer of flannelette or of any soft tissue. The ends of the flaps should be glued with veneer or a thin strip (for example, to use a wooden t-square or student’s range).
Fig. 1. Mirror Cabinet
Fig. 1. Mirror Cabinet:
1, 6 — horizontal bar top and bottom rack, 2 — vertical panels of the side walls and partitions of a 3 — rod hangers, 4 — the back wall of the wardrobe compartment, 5 — shelf linen office, 7 — the middle mirror panel, 8 — frame base, 9 — side mirrored doors.

Fig. 2. Closet hallway
Fig. 2. Closet hallway:
1 — frame base, 2, 6 — horizontal bottom panel and the top of the enclosure, 3 — panel, vertical sidewalls and partitions, 4 — shelf, 5 — door side compartments, 7 — unit, 8 — hanger 9 — rear wall of locker compartments, 10 — cover the box with a pillow, 11 — drawer.
In place of mounting the door handles the easiest way to make saw plane mirror decorative wood insert (a block of oak, ash, beech, walnut). Attach the handle through the hole in the mirror is not recommended, since the opening and closing of the door through the handle will be transmitted to the mechanical impact and the glass may crack. Accessories for Cabinet it is desirable to have a chrome or stainless steel, many parts you can pick up in hardware stores.
Side panel and its inner surface is easy to paste over with a film or artificial leather. The color chosen should match the tone of the framing rails. The preferred color of the facial surfaces: grey, brown, red, black.
Sash hung with hinges, and the center may not be open, and to lay down the element bones. Then there is the opportunity to make the back of the Cabinet from hardboard, which will significantly reduce the consumption of materials — chipboard or Blockboard.
If you want to have at the top of the dresser the mezzanine, it leaves the use of the mirror too. In this case, the framing frame enough to insert the plywood are covered with the same material as the sidewall, or organic glass, painted on the reverse side oil paint or distemper of appropriate colour.
To buy a suitable wardrobe for the hall is quite difficult, and not because they are not on sale: just the layout of the vestibule of the parts being built and existing flats is very diverse and has a lot of doors, openings, corners, ledges. At the same time, the need for a closet wall in the hallway is clear. And it needs to be multi-functional this hanger for everyday outerwear, a proper wardrobe for off-season items, and a mirror with a dresser and a bench, and a mini-pantry to store the vacuum cleaner and other cleaning equipment, brushes for cleaning clothes and shoes, creams and pastes, tools, etc.
The proposed option Cabinet is designed to perform such functions. It’s pretty simple in design. To obtain high-quality textures of its surfaces, consider the following suggestions. The main material for the Assembly should elect chipboard thickness of 16 mm or 20 mm. the Visible external surface of the panels most efficiently to paste artificial leather or leatherette beautiful texture. You should not resort to tape, simulating natural wood: its texture is too Intrusive and obviously will give a homemade. At the same time, artificial leather, pasted on the PVA Bustilat or guarantee high practicality, hide defects in the source materials of n are distinguished by their impeccable surface finish. While you can use contrast (tonal or color) the relationship between the various planes of the Cabinet.
The front surface of the back of the wardrobe is in sections, where a mirror and a hanger, is better make soft. On the plane back (which may be the hardboard) should be placed a sheet of foam and covering it with foil, grab decorative buttons, arranging them in a certain order. The same should be issued and the surface of the bench, which is simultaneously the cover of the box for Shoe accessories.
The rod under the hooks for coats above all to make obrezani water pipes. Hooks can bend thick (reinforcing) wire or buy at the hardware store. On the grid for hats is quite good cord for tennis rackets or fishing line No. 10 and thicker. The frame under the mesh made of crimped metal pipe with drilled holes. For dresser it is best to use thick glass that can be ordered in a mirrored Studio. Round, oval or rectangular mirror suitable size pick up in household or a Department store.
Cabinet doors can be hung on special furniture spring hinge, sold in accessories departments. Their use will allow to adjust the sash after Assembly. The holes for these hinges should be done for pasting the door skin. If you are not able to buy spring hinges, you can use a regular piano.
We’re limited to only basic advice and not delve into all the details of the parts and components of the proposed cabinets. In addition, it suggests in the illustrations, much will depend on the capabilities, expertise, creative imagination which has a house master.
G. BEREZIN, architect

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