DECORATIVE CANDLESThese elegant candles will easily fit into any modern interior. Their Golden lights create a home atmosphere of coziness and warmth, give a special charm to Christmas night. About the secrets of their manufacture told the magazine “Homemaker” (England). The main material is paraffin or wax. In the ratio of 1:10 is added to the stearin. It slows down the rate of combustion of a candle flame gives greater brightness and simplifies the process of manufacturing: makes it easier to extract the candle from the mold.

Equipment is simple: an old bowl — foundry, the thermometer and molds. As last you can use a variety of plastic toys, containers of household chemicals, packing boxes of food, that is, almost any material can withstand temperatures of + 100°. For candles having the form of simple geometric bodies (cylinder, cone, pyramid), shape is easy to fabricate from sheet materials.
Candle-ball. The form it will serve as a children’s plastic ball with an outer diameter of about 75 mm. Cut it pas two identical halves. Their inner surface should be flat and smooth. In the center of one of the hemispheres cut a hole d25 mm for the fill and another in the centre drill a hole sufficient for the passage of a cord-wick. Connect the two halves of the joint with tape. Route the cable through the holes cut wick and pulling, pin on both sides on any terminals, such as pencils. To prevent accidental leaks, place the form in a box of sand. On the candle of this size will need about 250 g of paraffin wax and 25 g of stearin. In a bowl over a small flame first, melt the stearin, carefully mixing it with the dye. The paraffin is then added, and the mixture is melted at a temperature not exceeding 82°C. To the composition is not ignited from the heated bottom of the bowl, continuously stirring it. The molten material is poured into the mold a small scoop in a few techniques, so that the air could get out of the casting. When the mixture has hardened, untie the wick and unplug hemisphere. Small defects and spots Molen remove with a cloth soaked in white spirit and Polish the candle easily with a dry cloth. Shorten the upper part of the wick, and the bottom podpravit a candle to smooth the bottom of the bowl — the resulting platform will be the base of the candle.
The candle”tree”. It is obtained by casting in sand form. Depending on the temperature of the molten material of the sand adheres to the surface of the product, giving it a distinctive texture.
Fig. 1. Form to obtain the spark ball.
Fig. 1. Form to obtain the spark ball.
Fill the box with damp sand, smooth the surface, but not utrambovyvaya. Push back the bottom of the bottle, it will attraet the trunk of the future tree. Branches and roots can be prepared with wooden sticks (see picture). A candle with a length of 150 mm and d 75 mm will take about 100 g of paraffin and 10 g of stearin.
When the mold is ready before pouring it insert the wick. To do this, mark the spoke of the Central hole in the bottom, put here one end of a wick dipped in melted paraffin. The second end of the clip in the top of the “trunk”. The molten material at a temperature of 104° fill in the form and leave to harden. After 8-10 hours, carefully removing the sand, remove the workpiece from the mold. Trim with a sharp knife too long “branches”, adjust the length of the “roots” so that the candle stood steadily. If the surface is caked too much sand, it is easy to remove, and additional surface relief “hole” can give a knife or a nail.
R and p. 2. Obtaining sand molds for the candle-tree.
R and S. 2. Obtaining sand molds for the candle-tree.
R and p. 3. Candle engraved.
R and S. 3. Candle engraved.
Candle engraved. Extremely soft and pliable material from which are made candles, well handled cutting tool. Sharp thin belt, for example, from a set of wood carving, the surface is ready, it is better tinted candles Molen apply deep relief. Take for a start a simple picture. Move it to the surface of the candle with a thin needle, guided by the plotted cross sections, separated by a meter in equal parts.

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