RIDING A Small farm equipment — a great helper in the garden, at the farm. Those who have the area roomier, and opportunities to make difficult a bigger car, opt for microfracture the most energy efficient, versatile and easy to use machine. About your variant of compact four-wheel tractor, called the author of “Zubrenok”, says our reader A. E. Parfenov. Once, flipping through a magazine “modelist-Konstruktor”, read about homemade compact tractor Amurchonok. Liked the idea, and I decided to build my machine for plowing and harvesting in the garden, performing various works in the Hayfield, to facilitate other types of heavy physical labor at the farm. I believe that I did it. The tractor turned maneuverable, powerful enough, looks quite nice and reliable — in two years almost constant use in the harsh Siberian climate had not happened no breakage. At the district exhibition “Technical creativity of youth and schoolchildren of Siberia” in the spring of 1983, my “house of the child” received a high rating and was awarded an honorary diploma.

The design is determined after the choice of basic units, transmission and chassis.
Frame of rectangular shape made of lengths of steel channel No. 10. Its lateral parts are the brackets for mounting engine, gearbox and transmission, and longitudinal in the rear — rear axle. Two racks of steel plates with a thickness of 8-10 mm struts are the supports for the parallelogram coupling with hydraulic power. To connect the elements of the frame can be welded or bolted.
Rear axle from a scrapped truck GAZ-51. To reduce the gauge I took it apart, shortened stockings, crankcase and axle shafts. After Assembly the minimum rear track wheel turned about 1 m, however, a transposition wheel can extend up to 1.5 m.
Brakes equipped with only the rear wheels. They are quite effective for relatively low speed even in top gear. But a separate mechanical actuator for the brake mechanism of the right and left wheels significantly increases the flexibility and throughput of the machine.
Fig. 1. The layout of the powertrain
Fig. 1. Arrangement of power units:
1 — impeller, 2 — motor, 3 — fan shroud 4 — magneto 5 — air filter, 6 — carburetor 7 — block flap valve, 8 — decompressor, 9 — plug, 10 — engine PD-10, 11 — start relay starter 12 starter, 13 — sprocket gear, Z=18, 14 — tensioning sprocket, Z=16, 15 — sprocket PTO shaft, Z=16, 16 — sprocket drive the gearbox, Z = 24, 17 — hydraulic cylinder coupling, 18 — PTO, 19 — rear axle, 20 — coupling 21 — transmission, 22 — oil pump hydraulic, 23 — stud fastening of the pump 24 to transfer box, 25 — lever for transmission gear 26 gear 27 — the lever of inclusion of a cordon.
Fig. 2. Microtracker
Fig. 2. Microtracker “Zubrenok”:
1 — bonnet, 2 — indicator lamp, 3 gear clutch, 4 — frame, 5 — magneto, 6 — generator, 7 — bonnet, 8 — facing control panel, 9 — output hydraulic fittings, 10 — the lever of the directional control valve, 11 — the lever of an oil pump, 12 — regchg gear, 13 — brake pedal right and left wheels, 14 — the lever of a clutch, 15 — seat, 16 — fuel tank, 17 — hydraulic oil tank, 18 — rear turn signal and brake light, 19 — driving wheel, 20 — hitch, 21 — steering wheel, 22 — headlights, 23 — front panel of the hood, 24 — rear wing 25 — beam front axle, 26 — transmission, 27 — oil pump 28 is longitudinal steering rod. 29 — pull the clutch 30 to the lever gear 31 is the covering of the driver’s compartment, 32 — foot pedal throttle, 33 — relay-regulator, 34 — dashboard, 35 — steering lever, 36 — tie rod, 37 — front wheel.
Fig. 3. Frame with towbar
Fig. 3. Frame with towbar:
1 — cross member of the frame, the channel No. 10 (2 PCs.), 2 — bracket installation front axle area 50×50 mm (2 PCs.), 3 — engine mounting area 75X50 mm (2 PCs), 4 — transaxle bracket, angle 75×50 mm, 5 — spar of the frame, the channel No. 10 (2 PCs.), 6 — arm rear axle, 7 brace rack hitch, 8 front tow hooks, steel strip 70×5 mm, (2 PCs,), 9 — shaft top lever 10, the lower lever 11 is a lever shaft, 12 — tow bar, 13 — slave cylinder hydraulic system, 14 — rod 15 — upper arm.
The front axle is used on the tractor “Belarus” — a homemade, welded from thick-walled steel pipe Ø48 mm For fastening to the frame in the middle has the cross beams, the longitudinal sleeve with a hole Ø20 mm bolt-axis. The vertical sleeve I-beam front axle is equipped with bronze sleeve-bearings. Swivel wheel axles are fixed there by nuts, and are joined together by means of two steering levers and tie rod. The side shoulder of the left arm of the longitudinal rod connected with the steering gear With a short shaft from the GAZ-51.
Front wheels with hubs taken from the sidecar С3А, and the rear — with the front end of the tractor T-40.
As the engine used of puskach PD-10, DT-54. To increase the power and reliability of it was significantly improved, and for convenience of operation, especially in the winter time, converted to air cooling. Therefore, in place of the removed cylinder installed another from the motorcycle IZH-Planeta. It forced airflow provided from the air conditioner blower motor “Kirovtsa” enclosed in a cylindrical casing. Although the power of the motor is small — only 25 W — in the summer it does not overheat. Well, in the winter or heating fan can be turned off.
To boost the engine failed due to the increase in cylinder filling and improve compression. Between the carb and cylinder unit mounted flap valves. Its body is cast from an aluminum alloy, and partition plate valves from the boat motor, “Breeze-12”, cut in half, glued back on with epoxy resin. The phase of the intake was increased to 120° relative to the TDC by an arrangement of the piston, cutting off the lower part of the skirt by 30 mm. this, together with the installation of the third compression piston ring provided to increase the maximum power to 20 HP and rpm to 4700 rpm. in addition, the engine is well run in any weather.
The ignition system is left standard — and magneto instead of the speed controller is installed scivac to drive generator G-130V. Fuel motorcycle carburetor K-36 is fed by a pump from the “Breeze” and the air through any motorcycle filter with dry element or oil-inertial from UD-2. He also borrowed and muffler. The engine is cranking ST-130V from placed under the driver’s seat of the car battery.
Fig. 4. Block flap valve
Fig. 4. Block flap valve:
1 — the base of the petal valve, 2 — rivet, 3 — blade valve, 4 unit, aluminum alloy, 5 — a stopper of a petal, 6 — stud carb mounting, 7 — block flap valve boat engine “Breeze-12”, its machining.
R and p. 5. Machining of the piston.
R and S. 5. Machining of the piston.
Fig. 6. Front axle with the steering
Fig. 6. Front axle-steering:
1 — bushing front axle, 2 — cross beam, 3 — front the front wheel axle, 4 — axle wheels, 5 — steering gearbox, 6 — longitudinal tie rod 7 — rod, 8 — steering arm, 9 — wheel, 10 — strut bearing, bronze bushing, 11 — bearings wheel hub, 12 hub.
The transmission of the tractor is arranged as follows. The engine is connected with gearbox and clutch from the tractor DT-54. Then the chain drive the rotation reported the primary shaft of the transmission from GAZ-51, the output shaft of which is connected with the main transmission to the rear axle. Since Carter’s latest, as the gearbox is fixed to the frame rigidly, you can connect them not with the cardan shaft, and split shaft via a constant elastic coupling. In the end, the tractor has 10 assists: 8 — forward 2 — backward, allowing you to choose the most optimal mode of operation of the engine for driving at speeds from 1.5 to 35 km/h.
Required for a generic machine the PTO shaft is driven in rotation by the same circuit as the transmission, however, it is advisable to include through an intermediate coupling to the shaft can be disconnected from the engine.
The hydraulic system of the tractor that facilitate the use of attachments, consists of the oil pump NSH-10ел, driven in rotation by a transmission fixed on the transfer box, hydraulic control valve from the tractor T-16, tank, hoses of the working hydraulic cylinder (wheel cylinder turns the combine) and output fittings for the connection of additional working cylinder actuators.
The whole facing — the front hinged, forward hinged hood, the base of the instrument panel, fenders, seat frame is made of angle and sheet steel thickness 0,5-1,0 mm. Fuel and oil tanks are welded from steel sheet 2 mm thick; hanging at the back seat, they don’t take up much space.
For easy operation in the dark and also for movement in the transport mode, the tractor is equipped with all the necessary electrical appliances: lights of the motorcycle “Voskhod”, the light indicator turns from “Moskvich”, tail and brake signals from the tractor “Belarus”.
Monitor engine performance, electrical, brakes, helps instrument panel. Now the speedometer shows 1500 km, so the exam for reliability, my “calf”, can be considered, passed on “excellent”. But its possibilities are not yet exhausted, although 13 available mounted and trailed implements: plow, cultivator, Hiller, harrow, sprinkler, trailer and others — allow you to perform a variety of operations.
FROM THE EDITOR. Those who have decided to make this tractor, please note that in the absence of technical requirements for improvised tractors leave them on public roads is not permitted. Microtracker you can operate only on the personal part (you must have documents confirming legality of acquisition of fixed components and assemblies). As for design, it can be changed. For example, the use of knots and units of other brands than those specified from the author. This is understandable: after all, each one builds on the basis of available at hand — it is important to maintain the principle of the device machine with proven performance, reliability and efficiency.

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