TAP RECEIVER(Uninterrupted power supply). On the upper floors in apartment buildings, often the water flows from the taps, that is, barely (or not at all) due to inadequate pressure in water supply systems. This sometimes happens and is the fault of public services, often as a result of intensive simultaneous water uptake by consumers.

Not to be at the most inopportune moment before the fact of lack of water in the system (for example, when you want to drink or to wash hands), you can, of course, to keep the stock in the bucket. But it is better to go the other way and complete the housing system water (even cold water) additional tank receiver. For home craftsmen — the work is simple and the benefits before storing in a bucket — obvious contributions to the reserve will be made automatically at any time of the day (even at night), when the water pressure in the system is sufficient. In the absence of water in the system it can even not notice — the water will flow in the tap as usual, but only now — from the tank-receiver.

Apartment water supply system for its smooth operation is complemented by a device consisting mainly of a sealed (and not communicating with the atmosphere) of the tank, check valve and fittings — connection of plumbing parts: coupler, tee, a pair of sleeves. Other parts from the old system, which, in essence, remains unchanged, since the valve cuts in the supply to the faucet pipe and the capacity of the tank to the system is simply connected pipe or hose. Another product in the additional device — a filter element is desirable but not mandatory (depends on the quality of water supplied and the condition of the tubing system).

Scheme of uninterrupted housing water tank receiver


Scheme of uninterrupted housing water tank-receiver (fittings and pipe POS.5,6,7,8,9,10,11—1/2″):


1 — bracket for mounting tank (2 PCs.);

2 — pressurized air cushion;

3 — supply of water;

4 — tank-receiver;

5 — eviction (as required);

6 — tee;

7 — hydrant;

8 —lead tube or hose;

9 — reverse valve;

10 — filter;

11— valve;

12 — the pipe of the water system 3/4″);

13 — outlet tee (3/4″and 1/2″);

14 — sink

Tank capacity 20 to 40 l (think this is the most optimal volume; if it is less, then water may not be enough, and when more water will stagnate) is best made of stainless steel. A plate thickness of 1,5 — 2 mm. But you can use a milk crate, a beer barrel, etc. If you can’t hang the tank above the tap, it is possible to install it even on the floor — only in this tank will be emptied completely.


As you know, in water and sanitation used the inch system of measurement. Usually in apartments the water is running from a half-inch pipe with the conventional feedthrough with a diameter of 15 mm (a conditional because inch equals 24.5 mm and half-inch is, strictly speaking, is 12.7 mm). Accordingly, under this diameter must be purchased all the fixtures and fittings.


I think diagrams of the system of uninterrupted water supply with tank, reverse the craftsmen enough not only to understand the principle of its work, but also for the manufacture of such who may have the same difficulties in providing the apartment with water.


A. MATVEICHUK, Zavodoukovsk, Tyumen region.

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