DOUBLE OTTOMANWhen the family of two children — and doubled. For instance, bedrooms require more space under them. That would let the industry such as baby beds that day took place less than half the night. But, alas, they are not! And decided to two of his sons to construct a brace-couch, taking the two regular single teenage. The main thing was to make them retractable into each other.

One of the Ottomans took the whole frame with legs and side boards. On transverse bars of the framework (five of them) nailed on top of the additional strap guides according to the width available I have a 14 mm plywood. In width they are ‘already transverse bars, whereby he drew up the grooves: it will move the panel digietui, the second Ottoman. For it only used the front longitudinal bar with two legs; it is attached to the former decorative front Board from the first bed. On the top bar overlap and are fixed by screws, plywood panel, the length of which is equal to the width of the first Ottoman (I have them turned on 700 mm).
The width of panels should allow for easy them to enter between the guide rails of the first Ottomans. The bottom panels are screwed to wooden blocks, limiters, included in engagement with the longitudinal front beam of the first Ottoman when moving apart. Now if the Assembly remains on the plate of the first Ottoman to lay a solid plywood sheet — it will serve as a base for a mattress. In this work to manufacture a double-Ottoman is finished.
Basic details of the scheme and build a double-Ottomans
Basic details of the scheme and build a double Ottomans (And the main bed; — sliding part):
1 — the mattress core (plywood sheet); 2 — regular transverse bars; 3 — additional strap-guides; 4 — panel retractable part of the Ottomans; 5 — bars-restrictors sliding parts; 6—a decorative front panel; 7 — feet retractable part
Double bed in extended view
Double bed in extended form
In closed form it is no different from the usual single, while expanding its width is increased to 1400 mm. Mattresses are made to her, too, their — drawn from a sheet of foam to a thickness of 100 mm (without gluing sheets) and covered with upholstery (decorative) fabric.
A. SIMONOV, Petropavlovsk, Kazakhstan

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