NEWSPAPER MULCHApplication of herbicides helps to control weeds, but causes definite harm to the environment. In particular, significantly reduced the number of ladybugs and other beneficial insects, and earthworms — natural “outliner” of the earth.

But you can fight with weeds and different. For example, using “newspaper” mulching (mulch in farming practices form a solid row of protective soil cover, tar paper, musicbuymail, peat, manure, humus, compost and similar layers, which reduces the evaporation of moisture from the surface, prevents the formation of soil crust, depressing the germination of weeds). Cultural plants are thus clear advantages in comparison with weeds, and the fertility of the land is markedly improved.
Applied my method is very simple. Future backyard flower bed wooden frame with a height of 142 mm, I spread out on anything not yet processed the land of old Newspapers or kraftbumagu (it usually used to wrap packages to mail) in 3 layers. Then placed 50 mm cushion of tortoiseshell mixture, sprinkle a little wood ashes, and on top of again cover three-layer “paper” protection. The soil mixture of compost and garden soil is poured last, the thickness is about 70 mm.
Garden of weed
A garden without weeds:
1 — “native” soil; 2 – wood frame; 3 — sow-Thistle; 4 — leek-slide; 5 and 8 respectively, the first and the second level of the “paper” protection (old Newspapers or kraftbumagu three layers) of cultural plants from weeds; 6 — torterella mixture; 7 — wood ash; 9 — mixture of compost and burnt garden soil; 10 —shoots of cultivated plants; 11 — rooted seedlings

The thus-prepared seedbed use for planting perennial crops or seedlings. Know the weeds will not be able to come to the light and die, but the cultural plants root easily, overcoming both the first and second levels of “paper” protection. Sprouts and further quick development of plants at this garden can not but rejoice!

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