DRIVE? ANOTHER DISC!DRIVE? ANOTHER DISC!In the case when you need wooden circle perfect quality to produce such, without special tools is difficult. Here will not rescue the diligent filing of the workpiece in the usual hacksaw; and even the use of a jigsaw will not be able to guarantee the desired purity of the edge of the disc: his brush with all the ability to “cut” roughly. To get out of a difficult situation will help original device recommended by the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster” self-made from scrap materials.

If you have an old stool — it will serve as its base. However, little affected, as in the surface of the seat stick, the axis of the fixture. On latest now — in detail.
To collect it — only need blocks of wood and strap. Their sizes are chosen in place: they will depend on the diameter of the circle, and several other parameters that will become clear after reading the device the device. And it is as follows.
On the stool the top is thick cut, sawed from a piece of wood. Her fit is designed for processing round, and the top — boss smaller, playing the role of the washer and cover, turn the locking strap. It is pierced with a nail-axis, which is the seat of the stool.
The other end of the retaining strap are connected by screws with wood spacer, hard stool pressed against the clamp. The task of the spacers is to provide the required height and horizontal position for the retaining strap.
No hacksaw or jig saw with a circular filing piece wooden not provide the necessary quality edge
No hacksaw or jig saw with a circular filing piece wooden do not provide the required quality of the edge
Adaptation to Refine the edge of the circle
Device for improvement of the edge of the circle:
1 — the base (stool); 2 — spacer; 3 — locking plate; 4 — screws; 5-clamp; 6 — wheel; 7 — axis; 8—grinding wheel; 9 — bracket drill; 10 — drill; 11 — auxiliary boss

Attachment to a circular saw to form on the edge of the round groove at the pulley
Attachment to a circular saw to form on the edge of the round groove at the pulley:
1 — table circular saw; 2 saw blade 3 — Board with cutout circle; 4 — supporting Board 5 — clamp; 6 — circle

The most important thing in this build is axial to a nail went through the center of rotation of the circle. To determine the center and prepare the hole in advance before Assembly.
In the end we got a device that allows you to rotate the circle without ka-any shift necessary for quality improvement of its edges. Remains closer to the stool drill with fixed disc with abrasive cloth to provide a touch of her hand in a circle — and you can handle the edge, slowly rotating the resulting perfect disk.
If you then want to perform on the edge of the circle of the groove for the pulley like the other simple jig, also from wooden parts. This is two boards set on edge and tied down clamps into one unit. One of the boards there is a semicircular cutout circle, and the other a cut under the arm, which will rotate the circle in the process.
Assembled unit is installed on the table of a circular saw to reach the edge of the circle — then in his gradual turning on an edge will propisyvaetsya the groove for the pulley.

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