Almost every family today is an Amateur digital camera, from simple “soap box”, no special adjustments (so to the uninitiated, the sellers say that “the exposure is set automatically”) to medium cameras (semi-professional) class, with the possibilities of optical and electronic settings (and stabilization) in a wide range. Of course, this is not a professional camera, but they still allow you to switch from automatic mode to “manual”, and with backlight function against “red eye”, the camera status indication camera installation for the selected frame (for a comprehensive shooting several scenes in a single frame), multiple manual and automatic zoom, and more.

Exactly what the camera on the basis of such cameras as Canon 3100IS and similar will be discussed. How I managed to check in practice, digital Canon 3100IS allows to obtain high-quality images comparable to images taken by the cameras by the “semi-professional” or nearly professional. However, it has drawbacks, manifested with time.
The fault, which was discovered after a year of active use, the impact triggered in the fuzzy mechanism approach / the subject in manual exposure adjustment.
The warranty is over, throw concerning the modern model was a pity, to give to repair – expensive, and undertake such work only “branded” shops. One thing remained – to try to “breathe” new life into it.
View to oxidising the contacts of the mechanism of
View of the oxidized contacts of the mechanism of “zoom”

To diagnose malfunctions, the camera needed to disassemble by unscrewing four screws and removing the back cover. It turned out that the contacts that are impacted by the current conductive layer, combined with a flexible rubber button, oxidized, evidenced by a greenish tinge. The appearance of contact with the cover removed, of the camera shown in the photo.
The elimination of this malfunction was made just contacts cleaned rubber-eraser. After this, the camera re-assembled. And now repaired the camera again faithfully serves and pleases high-quality images.
Such a simple repair can be reanimated, and other similar portable cameras with a similar fault.
A. KASHKAROV, G. s a n t-P etersburg

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