FLOWER SHIELDLovers flowers it is customary to set the pots with ornamental plants directly on the Windows: they are placed on the window sills, so the greens were closer to sources of natural light. However, in the winter when airing the room, the flowers due to cold air can be supercooled. This entails they, like all living organisms, various diseases.

Because of these adverse effects plants is necessary each time to rearrange in other part of the room, and then return back. However, such “travel” are often accompanied by damage of the plants.
Meanwhile, to avoid all this possible, and without touching the flowers with due to the installation on Windows the simplest Yarotskaya-partitions. With their help exclude undesirable effects on the flowers direct streams of cold air.
Design aerootitis simple, accessible to everyone for making at home.
The fence consists of panels manufactured from Plexiglas or thin cardboard (or double sheets of thick paper). The length of the vertical panel may be equal to the height of the window opening, and the horizontal slightly greater than the width of the window.
Vertical bar aerootitis
Vertical bar aerootitis (with bent edge for a tight insertion into the gap between the casement Windows and cut-outs for locks, handles)
Horizontal bar aerootitis (with flanges for installation in the aperture of the vents and mounts to your vertical panels and the wall)
Horizontal bar aerootitis (with flanges for installation in the aperture of the vents and mounts to your vertical panels and the wall)
Aartselaar cold air on the window with plants
Aartselaar cold air on the window with houseplants
Both parts suitable for use together, or separately, depending on the number of flowers on the windowsill. In doubles, whether performance or individual panels are installed on the window the same way: the vertical panel-strut is inserted into the gap between the casement frame, and the horizontal is hung into the opening in the vents due to the appropriate bends (see figure). In addition, angled sidewall horizontal panels are fixed on vertical stand and the wall of the window opening further using available now available double-sided adhesive tape.
Jointly established panel overlap a certain area of the window, forming to plant a kind of shield, excluding the direct blowing room
plants and flowers coming from outside cold air masses in open to ventilate the window.
Depending on the material elements of the razor to give them aesthetic form, you can additionally decorate according to your taste. For example, to paste over the visible plane of the colored plastic film. Very well they will look if they apply simple patterns in unison with the interior decoration of the room or hang pictures or colorful clippings from magazines depicting the favorite species of flora and fauna.
I. STOVE, Kiev

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