FOLDING WALLFrom garden benches from weathering are more likely to suffer seat: on the horizontal plane accumulated snow caps, russiausa in the thaw and rains have had a devastating effect. The painting with oil paints, of course, helps, but does not save. However, it is possible to make this seat as durable as back. How to do it, suggests to readers of the Hungarian magazine “Enermech-Ter”.

Design wall bench can vary in detail, but will be constant in one thing: the seat should have the opportunity to develop, appearing in the same plane with backrest. Consider two such choices.
The basis of it is the frame of the back, is gathered from the boards section 70×20 mm. it will require four Board length of 820 mm, for vertical posts and two horizontal couplers with a length of 1800 mm. small indentation of the sofa from the wall and his fixation on her is going l-shaped horizontal bracket of two boards with a 1800 mm length of the same length will be four back boards. On the bottom of them indented from the struts of the card loop, to which are attached four transverse Board seat length 430 mm. On the last fill longitudinal boards 1800 mm long, forming the actual seat. It remains to assemble it support. For this purpose each of the transverse boards of the seat also hinges to fasten the legs of boards with a length of 410 mm. To give greater resistance at the bottom they are held together in pairs by a jumper with a length of 550 mm — obtained solid support in the form of half frames. Those loop nodes before a bad weather or winter, this bench can be folded into a vertical Board to support articulated to the seat go up and with it down, they find themselves under the backrest.
Fig.1. Folding sofa
Fig.1. Folding sofa:
1 — wall; 2, the frame of the back; 3 — back boards; 4 — Board bracket; 5 — cross member of the seat; 6 loops; 7 — Board flooring; 8 — bearing; 9 — coupling of support; 10 — tie frame.

Another option folding bench (Fig.2) also the near-wall location, but runs without a backrest and a different way of folding support legs.
Low U-shaped frame consists of three boards section 70×20 mm: horizontal — length of 1250 mm, vertical 450 mm. the Latter are connected by the jumper from the Board with a length of 1250 mm. below the upper horizontal Board is installed another, with a length of 1200 mm,a plane which is facing the wall — for ease of mounting. On the other hand it has set indented from the ends 220 mm for two-card loops, which are attached to the crossmember of the seat made of boards with a length of 410 mm. For them, as in the first embodiment, the longitudinal boards are nailed to the seat. And to the front ends of the bottom cross members are also loops, but, unlike the first option, not the longitudinal (relative to the crossmember), and for transverse folding. Here the legs will be cleaned to meet. To when it is not superimposed on each other, loop them on the crossbars are offset by the width of the legs. Leg height — 410 mm. If they are not solid, and unpaved ground, it is better to make a wooden glides, shortening of the leg.
Fig.2. Foldable bench
Fig.2. Folding bench:
1 — front frame; 2 — Board frame, horizontal; 3 — concrete frame, upper; 4 — screed frame, bottom; 5 — loop; 6 — cross member of the seat; 7 — Board flooring; 8 — feet; 9 — foot.

When folded, this bench looks like a protected shield in the box.

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