FOR MOM AND FOR BABYCommercially available baby cots have a significant disadvantage: though they have wheels, but to move the cot from one room to another uncomfortable.
Good gift to a young mother and the baby cot will be offered by the Hungarian magazine “Earmaster”. Cot has two wheels and a handle that allows you to carry it like a wheelbarrow.
Required for the manufacture of wooden bruski section 55X30 mm, round in cross-section of plank for fencing and plywood for the wheels and bottom. All parts are bonded on a wooden push-pins (pins).
Machining of workpieces on a grinding wheel. Drilling holes for wooden pins. Compound bars vpoldereva. Connection details. A fragment of the frame.
Cot-“traveler” and the methods of its Assembly:
1. Machining of workpieces on a grinding wheel. 2. Drilling holes for wooden pins. 3. Compound bars vpoldereva. 4. The connection of the parts. 5. A fragment of the frame.
The Assembly begins with the production of two longitudinal frames. Vertical and horizontal bars are connected in a half-tree and additionally fixed by two wooden pins. The latter should be made of solid wood. The collected frames are collected into the frame and tighten with metal studs. Wheels cut out of plywood with a thickness of 10…15 mm. the Axis will serve as a metal tube Ø 20 mm.
Bed for kids.
Bed for kids:
1 is a vertical hour, 2 — upper horizontal strap, 3 rail fencing, 4 — wheel, 5 — wheel, 6 — lower horizontal plate, 7 — a metal pin for mounting the bottom.
All wooden parts should be thoroughly sanded the sharp edges are preferably rounded. The final finish will serve as a coating of furniture Polish (use a colorless to accentuate the light tone of the wood).
According to the magazine “Earmaster” (Hungary)

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