Your hallway will become cozier and more elegant if, for example, with the invention to arrange, as shown in these figures, the existing mirror. For round or oval wood cook step “checkers” with through holes, then strung them on fishing line or thin wire, like beads. The end of each affair carefully otshkurit and cover several times the furniture or parquet LAN (before this cover of the workpiece stain). Collecting “beads”, they spanned the perimeter of the mirror and tighten from below to disguise this additional sword.
To frame a rectangular mirror in the same way gather some flat tricks, no “step”. Their front ends are treated in the same way as the previous one: hide, impregnated, if desired, stained, varnished. In the center of each hex drill an auxiliary hole thinner than the screw (or stud), which it will be attached to the rail.
When the required number of pieces harvested, anodized screws or nails us with hats attach them consistently for edging strips, which, in turn, are mounted n the wooden substrate of the mirror base. Optionally, such trim can be easily removed from the mirror without disturbing its original appearance.
Fig. 1. Speed the workpiece for edging round or oval mirrors,
Fig. 1. Speed the workpiece for edging round or oval mirrors (And is an example of such framing of the mirror “beads”).
Fig. 2. The flat blank for framing rectangular mirror
Fig. 2. The flat blank for framing rectangular mirror (B — a variant design of the mirror such “swords”).
Details of the design can be made of thin dead trunks of young trees, twigs, finally broken even from the cuttings of old shovels. Reiki, decorative screws and nails, sandpaper, stain and varnish now it is easy to find in hardware stores.
This is how I decorated my mirror and was very pleased: they are elegant and attractive.
S. TURIKOV, Voronezh

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